October 6, 2020
Kimberly Underwood
The Space Development Agency has awarded contracts to L3 Harris and SpaceX for the tracking layer of National Defense Space Architecture for hypersonic glide vehicle detection. Credit: SDA

The Defense Department announced on October 5 that the year-old Space Development Agency had awarded two contracts to build the tracking layer of the National Defense Space Architecture, or NDSA. 

August 1, 2020
By Robert K. Ackerman
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifts off, carrying the company’s StarLink low-earth-orbit networking satellites. Flooding near-earth space with hundreds of satellites is the future of orbital activities as satellite construction expenses and launch costs continue to come down.  SpaceX

The next era of satellite communications is upon us in the form of low-earth-orbit constellations aiming to revolutionize personal connectivity, according to satellite experts. These new satellite swarms are being driven by technology innovations simultaneously with the growth of less-expensive launch services. The result will be an explosion in the number and type of orbiters serving their earthbound hosts while raising the bar for support technologies on the ground.