Serco to Support Active Army Strength Forecaster System

March 9, 2012
By George Seffers

Serco Incorporated has announced that the company has been awarded a potential $9 million contract to perform the full range of technical support services for sustainment and operations of the Active Army Strength Forecaster (A2SF) System. The A2SF System provides the U.S. Army with a seven-year strength forecast every month, reflecting the trends of soldiers as the political and military climate changes with respect to wartime requirements, budget constraints, and military compensation entitlements. These forecasts support the seven-year budget process, policy decisions by senior leadership, congressional inquiries, and personnel management decisions. Serco will use algorithms and forecasting models in order to provide the Army with the accurate forecasting information, as well as delivering operations and maintenance support, data conversion, information assurance and security and training solutions to support the A2SF System.



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