SIGNAL Coverage: DCOS 2018

Real-time coverage from DCOS 2018, including blog posts, news and photos, all in one place. SIGNAL provides highlights and breaking news from speakers and panelists. Additional content from the event is available in the archive. 

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Leaders Push for Innovative Cyber Information Sharing

Panelists discuss partnerships in cyber warfare at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium.

As the backstop for the nation’s cyber warfare, the military should look to more partnerships to improve its defenses.


Defending the DODIN

Panelists at the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium discuss directing change to organize the cyberspace warfighting domain.

Protecting the nation's military network is a nonstop, challenging job.


Machine Learning Advances Can Strengthen Cyber Defense

Mark Russinovich, chief technology officer, Microsoft Azure, discusses machine learning at the AFCEA Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium.

Machine learning has advanced to the point where sophisticated methods can be more effective at cyber event detection than traditional methods.


New DOD CIO Dana Deasy Looks to the Mission

Dana Deasy, the new DOD CIO (r), chats with Brig. Gen. Kevin B. Kennedy, USA, during the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium.

New to the military, the Department of Defense information technology leader finds inspiration in the department's protection of the nation.


Artificial Intelligence Use in Command and Control

Panelists at the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium discuss AI in the C2 domain.

In order to use AI in the C2 domain, the military needs quality data and to look to commercial solutions, experts say.


Refining STEM Education to Raise the Bar for Cyber

Panelists discuss STEM education and training cyber warfighters during a panel at the Defensive Cyber Operations Symposium.

From Head Start programs to internships and mentoring, panelists agree preparing the next generation of cyber warfighters comes down to facilitating opportunity.


Co-Ed Cyber Teams Optimize Talents

Panelists discuss women in the cyber workforce during a session at the Defensive Cyber Security Symposium.

It is critical to bring more women into cyber fields, not only to fortify the cyber workforce with more talent but also to apply the power of diversity that can lead to better solutions.


A Holistic Approach to Cyber Training

The Army’s Cyber Center of Excellence is hitting its initial stride in training cyber operators.


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Related Coverage

JRSS: The Way Ahead

The Joint Regional Security Stack architecture enables a robust network-focused defense, shifting away from stovepiped protections by service-specific networks and systems. Credit: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay

With JRSS, the Defense Department has, for the very first time, reached a broad agreement that securing the enterprise must be a joint capability.


Improving Operations in a Complex Spectrum Environment

All domains—air, land, sea, space and cyber—depend on the availability of radio frequency spectrum. Credit: DISA

DISA’s Defense Spectrum Organization ensures information dominance through effective electromagnetic spectrum operations.


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