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An Intelligence Community in Transition

Adm. Michael Rogers, USN, who heads both the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Cyber Command, explains during a September presentation at the Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington, D.C., why the NSA needs the authority to collect data on non-U.S. citizens who are on foreign soil.

Global changes are sparking a rash of new threats and challenges for intelligence agencies in the United States and abroad.


Technology Is a Wonderful Thing--For Terrorists

Intelligence experts from around the world discuss countererrorism during the Intelligence and National Security Summit.

A panel of security and counterterrorism experts shared insights into the ability of terrorist groups to use a variety of technologies to wield destruction around the world.


Security vs. Privacy: A Looming Showdown in Congress

Panelists discuss section 702 Intelligence reauthorization during the Intelligence and National Security Summit.

Intelligence officials call for foreign data collection reauthorization.


States Affected by Election Hacking Don't Know What the Feds Know

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) speaks during the Intelligence and National Security Summit.

Federal government officials cannot share information on Russian hacking because state officials lack the requisite clearances.


Military Intelligence Officers Call for Expanded Space Assets

Panelists discuss military intelligence at the Intelligence and National Security Summit.

While space has always been an important domain for military intelligence, the intelligence community is renewing its emphasis on the stars.


Real-World Punch More Effective Than Cyber Punch

Tom Bossert, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, speaks at the 2017 Intelligence and National Security Summit.

A cyber strike may not be the most effective deterrent against adversaries, White House adviser Tom Bossert said at INSS.


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Related Coverage

A Cash Award for the Best Intelligence App

The AFCEA EPIC APP Challenge seeks a solution to a pressing problem facing the intelligence community: anticipating events. But potential contestants have only until midnight, August 23, to enter for a $3,000 cash prize.


Seeing Is Believing For Artificial Intelligence

A DigitalGlobe WorldView-3 satellite image of Sydney shows the variety of buildings dotting the landscape. Among the artificial intelligence (AI) research sponsored by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) is an AI program designed to determine the functions of buildings just from looking at overhead imagery.

Geospatial imagery as well as facial recognition and other biometrics are driving the intelligence community’s research into artificial intelligence.


Mapping Out Future Intelligence Technologies

A new approach to identifying key research targets could help bring nontraditional partners into the realm of developing advanced intelligence technologies and capabilities.


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