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Finding a Trusted Advisor for Your IT Modernization Projects
Cybersecurity is always a high priority, whether working for the Defense Department or the Agriculture Department. IMPRES’ main role with IT modernization and migration is ensuring the security of its customers’ enterprise networks. Working with industry and boutique specialist firms, the company can develop solutions tailored to specific organizational requirements, either for warfighters or civilian agencies. 

How to Harness Best Practices for IT Modernization
The federal government and military agencies are now dependent on commercial technologies ranging from the infrastructure, to the cloud, to security solutions. The challenge these agencies face is how to determine the right products and providers for specific and often complex needs when the number of options and the level of risk are overwhelming. In this white paper, learn the best practices to follow and the pitfalls to avoid when upgrading existing hardware, migrating to the cloud, procuring security solutions or managing a range of information technology needs for both the warfighter and the civilian agency mission. Read more.

More than Data Migration
From IMPRES’ perspective, IT modernization does not only mean cloud migration. Many of the projects the company is involved in with its government customers involve fashioning devices to meet specific needs, servicing existing hardware, and helping customers get their systems upgraded in a short period of time within budget limitations. Although cloud migration is an important topic in government circles due to mandates to consolidate data centers and improve overall efficiency to save costs, IMPRES is also involved in a variety of other related efforts such as developing hybrid cloud solutions for some agencies. Read more.

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*VIDEO* Former Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver produces his entire daily 3-hour radio program “There it is” LIVE from TechNet Augusta featuring speakers, dignitaries, and AFCEA staff.

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