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DISA Drafting Artificial Intelligence

From l-r, Robert K. Ackerman, SIGNAL editor in chief, moderates a TechNet Cyber luncheon plenary with speakers Tony Montemarano, DISA executive deputy director, and Jeffrey Jones, executive director, JFHQ-DODIN. Photo by Michael Carpenter

"Artificial intelligence is probably the most significant technology we have to come to grips with," said Tony Montemarano, DISA executive deputy director.


Cyber Workforce Needs Continuous Education

Panelists at TechNet Cyber discuss the cyber workforce and the need for continuous education. Phoot by Michael Carpenter

A cyber career requires curiosity and an ability to adapt.


Army CIO Envisions Internet of Strategic Things

Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford, USA, chief information officer/G-6, U.S. Army, speaks about network security and capabilities at TechNet Cyber. Photo by Michael Carpenter

"I think what’s on the horizon is more of a discussion of the Internet of Strategic Things,” said Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford, USA, Army CIO/G-6.


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Related Coverage

Defense Department Cyber Requires Speed, Precision and Agility

The Joint Force Headquarters–Department of Defense Information Network (JFHQ-DODIN) works closely with Defense Department components and partners on cyber requirements and security.

The JFHQ-DODIN maintains a broad-based security approach to defending defense cyber assets.


A New Perspective Aids Cyber Inspections Amid Mission Risk

Members of the JFHQ-DODIN Operations Center (JDOC) support and enable proactive defensive actions on a 24/7 basis, sharing timely and relevant operational information and intelligence with Defense Department components and partners.

The Defense Department is employing a new design for its Next Generation (NEXTGEN) cybersecurity inspection that links the inspection to an organization’s operational mission.


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