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Sponsored: DOD Agency Secures Its Supply Chain

November 1, 2019

Defense Industrial Base (DIB) supply chain cyber attacks are more widespread than ever due to multiple vulnerabilities. Government agencies require complete assurance that all entry points to their networks are fully secured. Meanwhile, supply chain vendors struggle with the quandary of how to ensure robust security without large investment dollars and without compromising daily operations.

The DoD Agency Secures Its Supply Chain case study is your comprehensive resource for identifying weaknesses within the supply chain and selecting the best solutions to keep your organization’s data secure.

In this case study you’ll learn about:
    •    Supply chain vulnerabilities.
    •    Securing data quickly and inexpensively.
    •    The dangers of legacy software and systems.
    •    Important features to consider in a security solution, such as Top Secret (TS) level security, rapid deployment, zero configuration, data traffic filtering, captive portal isolation and IP obfuscation.
    •    Government supply chain rules and regulations.

Download the Vulnerabilities Within The DIB Supply Chain Case Study today.

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