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Sponsored: Edge Technologies Can Save Time and Money

September 5, 2018
By Tony Franklin

Create solutions that put data to work with secure intelligence from device to cloud.

As edge technologies continue to get smarter, faster, and more connected, incredible opportunities have emerged for the public sector to accelerate time to value and reduce costs. These mission-specific solutions are also simpler and faster to deploy!

Intel is at the forefront of the technology innovations driving such opportunities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, edge-to-cloud IoT solutions, 5G networks and more. Intel teams are also enabling more flexible and cost-effective solutions based on commercial off-the-shelf platforms. For example, we have designed a wide variety of processors to meet virtually any requirement—from high-performance processors to power real-time applications and analytics, to low power processors with small form factors and minimal energy consumption. These are highly-ruggedized components designed to work reliably in the harshest environments.

Intel has served the Embedded Computing markets and military group for over three decades. As a wider range of industries adopt commercial technologies, we have moved to serve these growing markets with our long-life technology solutions and a broad ecosystem of software developers, manufacturers, integrators and solution providers -- that together design, build, and support powerful offerings based on Intel® technologies

In recent years, we have expanded our commitment to help public sector organizations—such as government, aerospace, and military, and the companies that support them—keep up with the latest technology innovations and possibilities.

This October, we’re holding our fourth annual Federal Summit, where you can discover even more about the latest technology trends and opportunities.
At the Summit, Intel will show how our ecosystem partners are using Intel technologies to deliver breakthrough intelligence and insights by tapping into the latest AI, machine learning, and deep learning capabilities. We’ll highlight how new, high-performance edge solutions—connected to the cloud—are enabling better, faster decisions and actions.

We’ll also provide information about how the latest, built-in, Intel security capabilities are better for protecting data, devices, and identities. We’ll give a sneak peek at 5G and the future of broadband wireless communications. And, we’ll show a variety of Intel Mission Ready Platforms that provide powerful capabilities for a variety of use cases, while being fast and simple to deploy.

By popular demand, we are hosting Technical Exchange on October 8, 2018. We will offer deep dive technical training and hands-on learning at the Technical Exchange.

Are you interested in experiencing the future of IoT in the public sector at the 4th annual Federal Summit, October 9-10, 2018, Washington D.C.? If so, please visit http://federalsummit.intel.com for additional information and send us an email at eventregistration@intel.com.

Tony Franklin is general manager at Intel Corporation.

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