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January 15, 2010


CPI’s SuperLinear® TWTAs, including the 40 W Ka-band outdoor amplifier pictured, are designed for optimal operation at backoff power levels that are required in order to meet traditional international intermodulation specifications. This has resulted in a line of HPAs that is smaller, lighter and runs cooler than competing products.

Most traditional high power amplifiers (HPAs) are designed to run from small signal to saturated power. In practice however, the true usable power in a typical uplink application is limited by linearity requirements set by Intelsat and other satellite organizations. Thus, while power backoff of 3 to 7 dB is all that is ever required, one still needs the top end peak power to avoid clipping of the transmitted signal. This clipping results in Intermodulation products, spectral regrowth, and other non-linearities. Operating power must be limited to a maximum –3 dB from the maximum peak power for low bit-error rates when transmitting QPSK, QAM, CDMA, and OFDM signals.

The TWT, linearizer and HPA can be optimized to work best at the 3 dB backoff point (half average power). This results in a more efficient amplifier at the true operating point. Internal TWT and amplifier temperatures are reduced, required amplifier prime power is minimized, and HPA size and weight are dramatically reduced.

A comparison of the specifications of CPI’s SuperLinear Ka-band TWTA against those of the traditional TWTA (non-optimized and non-linearized) shows a 20% reduction in size and a 44% reduction in weight, as well as a 50% reduction in prime power consumption. This amplifier even compares favorably against the industry’s leading SSPAs, which are only able to provide half as much linear power – for twice as much linear RF, the TWTA weighs a few pounds less and is only 22% larger. Further, the prime power is typically 40% less.

Finally, it is worth noting that much has been said in the industry about the relative reliability of TWTAs and SSPAs. SuperLinear TWTAs, given their high efficiency, run much cooler than traditional TWTAs and SSPAs, resulting in an environment that is much easier on electronic parts. The Ka-band SuperLinear TWTA boasts a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) figure of over 70,000 hours.

To find out more, contact CPI Satcom Division.

Codan Limited

Codan has released its DV AES-256 Encryptor, to further complement the encryption options available across its portfolio of manpack and NGT transceiver systems. Codan’s encryptor supports 256-bit AES encryption with integrated MELPe (Mixed Excitation Linear Predictive enhanced) digital voice.

“Codan’s NATO STANAG 4591 MELPe 1200/2400 b/s digital voice also provides a significant improvement in voice quality, vital for mission critical calls, and enables good quality digital voice versus traditional techniques typically used in harsh noisy environments,” said Greg Bell, general manager, HF Military & Security Division, Codan Limited. Codan was recently awarded its first contract incorporating the DV AES-256 Encryptor by a European Partnership for Peace (PfP) customer.

All programming of Codan’s DV AES-256 Encryptor can be achieved via the handset or front panel of the transceiver. Codan also provides a PC (Windows™) based Key Management Software (KMS) as a convenient alternative. Supporting programming of the 256-bit AES encryption, 128-bit CES encryption and frequency hopping keys, this allows for a central point of management and distribution of encryption keys. The system encrypts the key set files for additional security, providing the ability, if desired, to only be opened and edited on one computer. For distribution, the Key Fill Software (KFS), which operates from a PC or PDA (Windows Mobile™), can be used for programming. Transceiver information provided in KMS can then be used to program designated transceivers only by matching their electronic serial numbers.

About Codan
Codan Limited based in Adelaide, Australia, designs and manufactures a diversified product range for the international HF radio, satellite RF subsystem and digital metal detection markets. Over 80% of Codan’s annual revenue of $150+ million is derived from export markets. Codan, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2009, has supplied more than 100,000 transceivers to over 150 countries, and has recently been named the Asia Pacific Tactical Military Communications Provider of the Year by Frost and Sullivan. Codan serves customers worldwide, including the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and civil authority segments within internal security, and has provided thousands of transceivers to support security and rebuilding programs worldwide.

The Codan Military and Security Division focuses on providing affordable, reliable HF radio communications products and systems for worldwide defense and government organizations. 

DHS Systems LLC

DHS Systems LLC recently introduced the newest product to join its line of Deployable Command and Control Equipment (DC2E) – the DC2E Large Transformer Projection Screen Display. Designed to fit into a large tactical operations center (TOC), the DC2E Large Transformer Projection Screen Display features three DLP projectors that project on to three separate large, high resolution viewing areas that are more than 48” above the ground. The elevated viewing areas allow for images that are large enough and high enough to be viewed from the rear of a TOC. The new system can easily be configured for front or rear projection to maximize use of available workspace in either a soft‐walled shelter or hardened facility. Set up by four people in less than 30 minutes, the Large Transformer Projection Screen Display can be packed into four transportable cases. DRASH DC2E was created by DHS Systems as a solution to the information management issues facing today’s commander. Consisting of a projector system and various sized audio visual systems, DC2E provides lightweight, portable communications technology by merging multiple feeds of information onto single or multiple displays. Special features include touch panel control, diskless drive, high resolution image display and round‐the‐clock operating capabilities. Since its introduction in 2005, more than 3,000 DRASH DC2E systems have been deployed throughout the world. DC2E products’ prices have recently been reduced and are easily accessible through gsaadvantage.gov by entering Contract #: GS‐03F‐0181V.




The NanoSync III from FEI-Zyfer is a compact, low power GPS referenced time and frequency module designed for customers who require a precise 1PPS and 10MHz reference in a small, ruggedized enclosure.  For authorized military customers, the NanoSync III is available with two SAASM GPS options.  The NanoSync III is well-suited for various military platforms supporting electronic warfare and other applications.  The NanoSync III SAASM comes equipped with either a GB-GRAM or MRU compliant SAASM receiver, easy-to-use key load connector, PLGR/DAGR port for hot start GPS acquisition and a zeroize switch.

The NanoSync III is the latest product in the proven FEI-Zyfer line of time and frequency systems.  The NanoSync III incorporates features designed into all FEI-Zyfer products including exceptional holdover performance when GPS signals are lost (assuring continuous system operation). The NanoSync III can be monitored and controlled through an easily accessible RS-232 port. As with all FEI-Zyfer time and frequency products, the NanoSync III incorporates an advanced, proprietary algorithm that compensates for external temperature changes and aging characteristics of the internal oscillator.  This proprietary compensation feature ensures accuracy and consistent performance in military environments.

As the pioneering developer and manufacturer of GPS time and frequency systems, FEI-Zyfer offers both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom designs to meet customer requirements for precise time and frequency references. FEI-Zyfer offers several options such as SAASM or C/A GPS-referenced designs, Rubidium or OCXO oscillators, redundant designs and a multitude of time and frequency outputs (10MHz, 1PPS, IRIG, Havequick etc.)  If a custom solution is required, FEI-Zyfer has a proven record of delivering quality solutions quickly for both military and commercial customers.  Visit us at the AFCEA West 2010 show, Booth 2149, or contact us at 888-886-7465 (www.fei-zyfer.com)

General Dynamics

General Dynamics C4 Systems has been awarded a $7.6 million contract to develop the new KG-530 SONET OC-768C in-line encryptor in support of an NSA initiative to secure and distribute data, at a full 40 gigabits per second line rate, used for government and military missions. The KG-530 will secure very large image, data and video files, classified up to and including Top Secret, that travel through U.S. military and government networks. Once in place on authorized Synchronous Optical Networks (SONET), users will experience significantly less network delay, or latency, common to securing large information files.


John Cole, vice president of Information Assurance for General Dynamics C4 Systems, commented, “With the KG-530, General Dynamics continues to deliver the technologies and products that secure our nation’s most sensitive information as it moves through cyberspace.”


General Dynamics C4 Systems has been providing information security technology, products and systems to the U.S. government and military for more than 40 years. With more than 250,000 encryption devices currently used worldwide, General Dynamics information assurance products secure communication and data classified up to, and including, Top Secret and are compliant with the NSA’s High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor Interoperability Specification (HAIPE® IS) and networks including SONET, ATM and Ethernet.


General Dynamics C4 Systems, a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), is a leading integrator of secure communication and information systems and technology.


General Dynamics, headquartered in Falls Church, Va., employs approximately 92,900 people worldwide. The company is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and information systems and technologies. More information about General Dynamics is available online at www.generaldynamics.com.


The comprehensive service program for TANDBERG visual communication systems and equipment


ZCare Premiere is the smart way to protect your technology investment and extend the lifetime of your TANDBERG system. A KBZ ZCare Premiere service plan offers special benefits and care provisions like 24/7 tech support, up-to-date notification on the latest software or product features, and expert diagnostic help to quickly resolve unexpected challenges. ZCare Premiere ensures the highest level of performance at all times, and offers you total peace of mind and confidence in operating your TANDBERG visual communications equipment.


ZCare Premiere Features:


24/7 Tech Support Coverage & System Testing

  • Live help weekdays, weekends, and holidays
  • KBZ video test lines - Dial into our video systems anytime to test your system

Online Ticket Tracking

  • Self-service Super User Access lets you open or view trouble tickets online

System Service Reporting

  • Inquire about systems or equipment under repair
  • Use the online ZCare Request Form to quickly relay questions and comments

Service Renewal Reports

  • Automatically receive Service Renewal Reports on systems covered under ZCare Premiere (see your KBZ Inside Sales Representative to access this feature)

CARE Premiere System Certification

  • Covered systems are issued a formal certificate containing comprehensive equipment and service plan information for quick access. (Partners may request certificates for existing systems via email, or online)

TANDBERG Soft Care Enrollment

  • Automatic email notification keeps you up to date on new software releases
  • All past software is available (plus product software support up to six years after product "end of life")
  • Easy online enrollment


  • Access software downloads, release notes, and electronic video training tips

Advanced Replacement Parts

  • KBZ dispatches replacement equipment and parts from service centers in the USA, Europe, and Asia.
  • Arrangements for replacement parts must be made with KBZ Communications directly. Guidelines and restriction apply, please contact KBZ for details.

Put your TANDBERG system in good hands and protect your investment with a ZCare Premiere Service Plan from KBZ Communications.


KBZ ZCare Premiere, U.S. telephone: 215-348-9481

E-mail: zcare@kbz.com * http://www.kbz.com/

KBZ Video Numbers: IP * ISDN 215-489-9160








Networks International Corporation (NIC) Cavity Filter line includes products across a variety of frequency ranges (L, S, C, X and Ku Band).  Bandwidths vary from 1% to 10%. They are designed to support a variety of applications – military and commercial. Click on link below for an overview.




NIC’s Cavity Filters can be built in different package configurations such as Connectorized and Surface Mount.  Other features include:

  • Low Insertion Loss

  • High Selectivity

  • Ability to Handle High Power

  • Compliance with Mil STD 202

S band filters



C & X band filters



Miniature surface mount Cavity Filters

These products are designed for use in airborne, ship mount or vehicle mount applications in harsh military environments. They can be custom designed for any center frequencies varying from 3 GHz to 18 GHz, and 3 dB bandwidth from 5 to 30%.



Contact us at sales@nickc.com or 913-685-3400.


Precision Quincy  



Precision Quincy is proud to announce our ‘official’ entry into the ISO container customization/modification market. For years now, up until just recently, our 200,000+ sq. ft. Chicagoland facility has been dedicated almost exclusively

to the manufacturing of our flagship series of industrial ovens and equipment shelters. But as a metal fabricator, we are often asked by our customers to convert or modify existing products into something altogether different. Case in point – customized ISO shipping containers. Over the years we’ve
quietly modified ISO containers into many different products for our customers (power-generator enclosures, bunkhouses, communication shelters, guard houses, utility substations, etc.) The difference now is that we are actively promoting our customization services to a national audience. Our high quality custom fabrication work has not gone unnoticed in the industry and as a result, we are receiving some very high praise for the work we have done. Our success modifying ISO shipping containers has allowed us to focus our talents and resources towards developing comprehensive container solutions to serve all of our customers’ needs. For additional information, please visit Precision Quincy Corp. online at:
www.precisionquincy.com or feel free to contact us via e-mail at pqsales@precisionquincy.com or by phone at (815) 338-2675.




Acadia® II Development Platform for Advanced Embedded Video Processing
The A2-DP-1 provides a complete engineering platform for evaluating and integrating the capability of Acadia® II— a powerful system-on-a-chip (SoC) for real-time processing of multiple vision sensors—along with customer developed algorithms and system level processing. The development kit offers an integrated platform combining the Acadia II SoC, which includes the embedded four-processor ARM11™ MPCore™, with a high performance Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA for expandability. This tool is ideal for prototyping a new processing solution for platforms that are size, weight and power constrained such as handheld and rifle mounted sights, EO/IR cameras, UAV/UGV’s, Military Vehicle SA, fire control systems, border/perimeter security, and ruggedized displays. For more information, visit www.sarnoff.com/products/acadia-video-processors/acadia-II

Sypris Electronics



The Tactical Modern KYK-13 Replacement


The Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL) is a modernized electronic key fill product used for loading keying data into secure communication equipments.  Due to the demanding, tactical environments for which the product was designed, RASKL is fully ruggedized, small, lightweight, requires no formal training and implements a one-button “key squirt” process for simplified loading operations. The RASKL can hold up to 40 modern electronic keys.  


Features & Functions:

  • Instant On
  • 1-Button Key Squirt
  • User-Friendly 5-Button Navigation
  • Depot Repairable
  • Left or Right One-Handed Operation
  • Interfaces with: DS-101, DS-102, RS-232 & USB
  • Extended Fill Port for Direct Connection to End Equipments


RASKL is the leader in next generation electronic key loading.  The user-friendly, handheld RASKL is the modern Type-1 key fill solution for tactical users.


For additional information please visit: www.myraskl.com or contact us at: raskl@sypris.com. 


Ultra Electronics


ISECTM Secure Video Conferencing Solutions 

Designed for secure, fail-safe video communications, the ISEC product line from Ultra Electronics Criticom allows government users to change between secure channels of communication and networks with the simple flip of a switch. By permitting users to switch security levels or networks in minutes, ISEC eliminates complicated manual processes and the need for dedicated IT support. ISEC products are the only DISA-certified, automated video solutions that work concurrently across both ISDN and IP networks. ISEC delivers secure/non-secure video conferencing solutions from Command and Control to the tip of the spear.


For more information, visit: http://www.ultra-criticom.com/.



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