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January 17, 2012

AR Worldwide
Barrett Communications USA LLC
Cornet Technology Inc.
CPI Satcom Division

Electronic Warfare Associates Inc.
Harris Corporation
Lind Electronics
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Optical Cable Corporation
Preformed Line Products
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TACO Antenna
Tresys Technology
Ultralife Communication Systems


AR Worldwide – Modular RF


AR Modular RF Battle-Tested Amplifiers

The Best tactical communications amplifier, the AR-50, just got better!  The latest batch of tactical radios demand even more out of their associated power amplifiers, so the AR-50 has been updated and improved.   The AR-50 has just completed its second JITC testing with the Harris PRC-117G radio, which means that the AR-50 is now certified for use with both the Raytheon PSC-5D and the PRC-117G radio systems.

Modern networking radios demand a great deal more from the amplifier systems than they did just a few years ago.  Back then, amplifiers had to deal mostly with constant envelope waveforms like Frequency Modulation (FM) or some version of Phase Shift Keying (PSK) and maybe some Amplitude Modulation (AM).  However, that has all changed. Now amplifiers have to deal with constant and non-constant modulation formats, which carry relatively high speed data measured in megabits per second versus the old systems that carried kilobits per second.

So not only do today’s amplifiers have to be able to deal with the peaks and dips in the waveform envelope, they also need to be able to deal with rapid changes in the format type and the constantly changing data framing formats. This demands very quick carrier detection and fast key-up characteristics to ensure that there is no corruption or slowing of the data transmission through the power amplifier system.

The AR-50 is built using the latest state-of-the art design principles. It utilizes super-fast PIN diodes for receive-to-transmit (TR) switching  and filter selection, custom designed carrier detection circuits that can deal with simple AM and FM modulation, frequency hopping modes,  or the latest highly complex Networking formats like ANW2 without missing a beat.  “Reaching out” with a communications package these days means the use of SatCom, so the AR-50 offers a switchable low noise receiver amplifier coupled to a steep sided co-site filter to keep the SatCom receive channel nice and quiet.

In spite of its relatively small physical size the AR-50 contains a wide input range DC to DC power supply subassembly that allows the unit to run in both civil and military vehicles as well as with numerous types of battery systems. 

So the bottom line is if you have a need for a sophisticated, well-designed and fully tested 50 watt VHF/UHF multi-band tactical power amplifier (PA) you need look no further than the AR-50. It’s just one of a whole family of self-tuning tactical PA’s from a company that has over 40 years in the RF amplifier business

Web: http://www.arww-modularrf.com/home_modular_rf.asp


Barrett Communications USA LLC 

Barrett Communications is pleased to announce on the 25th August 2011 it has received certification from the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) for the Barrett 2050 HF mobile and base station transceiver.

The JITC certification establishes Barrett 2050 transceivers as interoperable with other JITC certified HF transceivers which is paramount when considering coalition and Partnership for Peace (PFP) operations and the use of Barrett transceivers in HF networks for emergency preparation and disaster relief.

Barrett 2020 HF Data/E-Mail System


The Barrett 2020 HF data system provides internet email connectivity and fax services to and between remote sites (Base, Mobile or Manpack) located up to 2,500 km from traditional telecommunications services using free to air HF radio as the transmission medium.  The Barrett 2020 email system uses state of the art and proven Clover 2500 modems that employ the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques specifically designed for HF operation.


The system is capable of producing error free data transmission with compressed on-air data rates in excess of 14,400 bps, subject to link quality and file compression. The 2020 system is simple to install and easy to use. To the end user, the HF system is transparent; emails are sent and received via the users own and familiar mail client software such as MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other common email client software providing a comprehensive and automated HF email network solution.

Barrett 2060 HF Telephone Interconnect System

The Barrett 2060, a fully automatic telephone interconnect, enables high frequency radio network stations to become part of the international telephone network. HF stations can direct dial any telephone number on the international telephone network. Telephone subscribers on the international telephone network can dial into the 2060 interconnect and call any station on the HF network.

The Barrett 2060 interconnect also supports MIL-STD 188-141B ALE allowing ALE networks to now have fully automatic access to the telephone network.

Barrett Communications USA, LLC
1000 N. West Street, Suite 1200
Wilmington, Delaware 19801


Cornet Technology Inc.

Dependable Circuit to Packet Migration and Transport across the Latest IP Networks
   -- reliable, error-free CESoP processing

The IPGate family’s circuit to IP platform is ideal for environments with legacy serial encryption devices, TDM tail circuits, and analog and digital radio systems.  By routing legacy equipment to an IPGate, the legacy backbone can be decommissioned offering savings in both networking and support costs.  IPGate products range in size, port capacity, and redundancy options.

Like other IPGate family members, the IPGate AC offers advanced features that reliably transport legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and other circuit-based applications across converged IP networks. Using circuit emulation services over packet (CESoP) standards, the IPGate AC supports a wide variety of legacy analog and digital interfaces at configurable data rates ranging from 50 bps to 16.384 Mbps. It lets customers easily and reliably take advantage of converged IP networks to connect legacy circuits.

Specific to the IPGate AC is its Gigabit Ethernet backbone and distributed architecture, which makes it a future-proof investment with a virtually unlimited variety of supported interfaces.

The IPGate’s integral test and monitoring bus quickly identifies and isolates legacy network equipment and incoming circuit problems. 

Its any-to-any port connectivity simplifies management and eliminates point-to-point inefficiencies.

Other IPGate AC features include: 

  • Packet and full network redundancy with automatic failover
  • A distributed architecture that allows any-to-any connectivity between devices
  • Full tech control functionality; any-to-any connections and monitoring/testing
  • A wide variety of legacy analog and digital interfaces at data rates ranging from 50 bps to 16.384 Mbps and red narrowband and black wideband audio (300 Hz – 64 kHz)
  • Digital Access Cross-Connect (DACX) grooming and passive monitoring
  • Configuration information stored in Flash to protect against the possibility of loss due to a power failure

IPGate AC easily handles TDM over IP, Radio over IP, PBX interconnect over IP, and Media Conversion. 

Targeted at the Defense market, the IPGate-AC has received a Joint Interoperability Test Command tracking number and is scheduled for testing on February 27, 2012.

Telephone: 703.658.6670


CPI Satcom Division

CPI Satcom Division offers an extensive line of efficient and powerful RF amplifiers used for mission-critical military communication systems.
Our new 35 W Ka-band solid state power BUC is extremely compact and ruggedized for extreme military communications environments. CPI also offers Ka-band TWT amplifiers providing up to 700 watts of output RF power. For a compact, lightweight, reliable and efficient solution, look no further than CPI.

Electronic Warfare Associates Inc.

EWA Nemesis™ Counter UAS Radar
Finding small targets in a big sky just got a whole lot easier.

To support forward-deployed Warfighters countering an increased threat from unmanned aircraft systems, EWA has developed Nemesis™, a prototype omni-directional radar capable of detecting and tracking multiple small radar cross section objects such as UASs, rockets, artillery, mortars, and personnel. Easily transported to small forward operating bases and ideal for test ranges, Nemesis™ has 360 degree coverage up to a 20km radius. The radar is an active electronically steered array, employing waveform generation and phase control at each antenna element (ADC at each element) for digital beamforming. It utilizes a mature, intuitive user interface for multiple target tracking operations.

Contact Information:

13873 Park Center Road, Suite 500
Herndon, VA 20171
Paul Schick,




Government networks require a secure and manageable network infrastructure for real time, assured packet services. Ethernet, particularly Connection-Oriented Ethernet (COE) is an essential component of next-generation networks.  Packet Optical Networking Platforms (Packet ONPs) like the Fujitsu FLASHWAVE® 9500 enable a smooth migration to an Ethernet-based architecture, providing a long-term, cost-effective solution to high-performance, bandwidth-intensive networking needs.  The FLASHWAVE 9500 platform is on the Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL), alongside several other Fujitsu networking platforms.



Harris Corporation

Harris Corporation has introduced the Falcon III AN/PRC-152A, the first and only NSA Type-1 certified handheld radio to put the power of wideband tactical networking—including the capability to send and receive voice, video, images, and data—in the hands of the warfighter on the move. The AN/PRC-152A transforms tactical communications through the expanded use of network-enabled missions in areas such as mission planning, intelligence gathering, force protection and checkpoint security.

Harris began deliveries of the AN/PRC-152A after receiving Type-1 certification from the National Security Agency. The radio is the next generation of the widely deployed AN/PRC-152(C) handheld and addresses wideband communication requirements of teams operating at the tactical edge of the battlefield. The Falcon III wideband handheld serves as an interoperable companion to the Harris AN/PRC-117G multiband wideband manpack radio.

Covering the 30 to 512 MHz frequency range, the AN/PRC-152A also comes with an optional high band enhancement that increases the radio’s frequency coverage to 30 to512 MHz and 762 to 870 MHz for select waveforms.

The AN/PRC-152A allows the U.S. Department of Defense to extend tactical networking across the entire battlefield and offers warfighters the broadest set of capabilities in a handheld radio. In addition to wideband networking, initially provided by the Harris Adaptive Networking Wideband Waveform (ANW2), the AN/PRC-152A operates SINCGARS, VHF/UHF Line-of-Sight (VULOS), HaveQuick and IW for tactical satellite communications.. This makes the AN/PRC-152A the only wideband networking handheld radio that is also fully interoperable with deployed DoD radios.

In November 2011, the AN/PRC-152A was deployed at the U.S. Army's Network Integration Evaluation.  Soldiers at the NIE integrated the AN/PRC-152A with the Harris Falcon III AN/PRC-117G wideband manpack to extend networking connectivity from brigade to the tactical edge.  The AN/PRC-152A was used to send voice, data, and position location information from the dismounted soldier over a backbone Adaptive Wideband Networking Waveform (ANW2) network.

The AN/PRC-152A features the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) operating environment, providing the optimal transition to software defined radio technology. SCA architecture enables the upgrade to future waveforms supporting the evolution of communications from legacy narrowband to network centric wideband operations. Secured with the Harris Sierra II encryption module, the AN/PRC-152A provides voice and data security up to the TOP SECRET level.

The AN/PRC-152A is the wideband radio that can deliver IP-based mobile ad-hoc networking to warfighters at the tactical edge.






The PB0 is a small profile, extremely versatile Pull Box allowing Secure Large Carrier™ (SLC), Holocom’s new large cable capacity secure raceway, to cross hallways, transition from a communications room, and transition to Holocom’s two other secure cable carriers:  SDS 2” x 2” Raceway and Secure Mini Dukt™. The PB0 has an integrated Interface Sleeve on each side for SLC Raceway, and two TopCap starter pieces for installing the SLC Lock Kit. The Interface Sleeve assemblies are easily removed if unused. The PB0 allows SDS Raceway and SMD Tube to exit through the front on either side of the door opening as well as through the top, bottom, or sides. The PB0 front opening door has a tamper resistant design with internal spring hinge and proprietary back flange. The door is identical to the doors in the User Drop Box (UDB) series and closes securely with a Sargeant & Greenleaf® padlock.

Contact: customerservice@holocom.com or (858) 222-6430.


Lind Electronics

Lind Electronics, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of AC/DC and DC/DC adapters and other mobile power solution devices, announces the availability of its BB-2590 Battery Charger.

The Lind BB-2590 Battery Charger is designed to charge a single BB-2590 military battery, with or without the SMBUS.

Insert the input cable’s cigarette lighter connector into the cigarette socket of the vehicle, and plug the other end of the input cable into the adapter. Then secure the adapter’s output connector to the BB-2590 battery using the velcro strap (included) to ensure a solid connection between the connector spring loaded pins and the battery contacts.

The adapter automatically conditions and regulates the voltage provided from the vehicle to the correct DC voltage and current required to charge the BB-2590 battery. The unit is housed in a rugged case for durability.

The adapter will run off of DC sources supplying 11-32 VDC, such as a 12V or 24V vehicle system or a solar panel. The unit charges the battery at a 3A rate. The adapter has a green LED indicator that flashes while charging, and becomes solid when the charge is complete. The unit will charge both 2590 batteries and 2590 batteries with the SMBUS. The Lind BB-2590 Battery Charger comes standard with a 1-year warranty (warranty coverage includes adapter electronics, cables and connectors).

To learn more about how Lind’s BB-2590 Battery Charger can meet your mobile power needs, please contact Lind Sales at 1.800.697.3702, via email at info@lindelectronics.com or visit Lind online at www.lindelectronics.com.

About the Company –

Established in 1975, Lind Electronics, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of AC/DC and DC/DC Power Adapters, Shut Down Timers, battery chargers, stock and custom cables, and other accessories. Our products are designed to power laptops, portable printers, and other mobile devices.

Lind’s products are built for military, public safety, health care, forklifts & warehousing, and other industries. The company is located in Minneapolis, MN. Our Engineering, Sales, Production and Design teams are dedicated to solve your mobile power application needs.


Locus Microwave, Inc.

Codan Satcom Ku, X & Ka Band Series of BUC Products for Military Applications

Locus Microwave (CODAN SATCOM), a leader in rugged and reliable satellite communications equipment, offers outdoor Ku, X and Ka Band Series Block Up Converters from 80 through 120 Watts at Ku-Band, 10 through 100 Watts at  X-Band and 4 through 40  Watts at Ka-Band.  These BUCs are deployed in military applications that have been approved for WGS, DISA, SNAP and ARSTRAT Systems. 

Locus Microwave (CODAN SATCOM)
176 Technology Drive, Suite 200
Boalsburg PA 16827
Telephone: (814) 466-6275 
Facsimile: (814) 466-1104




Q-Band High Performance, Antenna Mount Block Up- and Downconverters 

Q-Band SATCOM Series of outdoor, antenna-mount block up- and downconverters and test translators designed for use in secure, high performance satellite communications requirements are now available from MITEQ.  This series covers RF frequency bands as wide as 43.5 to 45.5 GHz with either a 500 MHz IF bandwidth or full 1 GHz wide L-band IF.  Much higher frequency IF bands are available in custom product derived from this new MITEQ product series.  As with all MITEQ SATCOM converter products, the UPB-WS-XX block upconverter and the DNB-WS-YY provide excellent low phase noise and high dynamic range (XX and YY denotes RF center frequencies of the Up- and downconverter).  The detailed technical specifications and descriptions of optional features including; low noise figure option, high output power, gain, and many more are covered in MITEQ Data Sheet D-357B which is available on our website www.miteq.com or call SATCOM Sales at +1-631-439-9108.


Optical Cable Corporation

You need a communications station in a place that no one has ever even thought of putting one. And you need it up and running fast. Modular Advanced Reel System (MARS) is the industry’s first lightweight cable deployment reel system designed specifically for the demanding needs of harsh-environment fiber optic installations.

Unlike traditional metal-style reels, MARS is a lightweight, modular system constructed of a high impact glass enforced polymer that is easily transported and is ideal for applications where cable needs to be deployed and reeled in quickly and stored efficiently. In addition, the MARS system offers a variety of deployment options including optional frames, backpacks, shipping cases, and cable acquisition platforms throughout. This enables customers to meet the demands of diverse markets with one modular reel and accessories platform.

The OCC MARS reel can be used with simple deployable axials (“broom sticks”) or with integrated A-Frames, cable acquisition cradles, transit case systems, tripods, bumper mounts, backpacks and backpacks with fiber optic slip rings. The MARS reel itself incorporates options for fiber optic cleaning kits: flip-out handle, 30 ft. built-in divider, connector cradle design, and stackable features. All these features (with a lower weight than common reel systems) make MARS the most advanced fiber optic reeling system available in today’s market!

When you've got a real problem, OCC has the REEL solution. 

• Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations

• Mobile Tactical Shelters

• U.S. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Military Tactical Deployments

• Broadcast

• Emergency Restoration and Deployable Communications

To learn more, visit www.occfiber.com


Preformed Line Products


PLP Introduces The COYOTE® ONE Dome Closure

Segmented End Plate Simplifies Fiber Optic Network Connectivity

With its new COYOTEÒ ONE Closure, Preformed Line Products Company (PLP) has significantly enhanced its comprehensive fiber optic closure lineup. This device brings together many connectivity solutions in a compact and cost effective package.

The COYOTE ONE Dome Closure uses a patented segmented end plate plus flexible grommets to provide independent access to every cable that enters the closure. Installation is quick, re-entry is simple using common tools, and no other cables are disrupted in the process. The patented end plates and grommets work together to create a highly reliable sealing system.

Features include:

      The versatility to accept a wide range of fiber optic cable types.

      Simplified assembly, which yields time and labor savings.

      A three port segmented end plate design, accepts single or multi hole grommets.

      Modular and scalable -- each closure can grow with the network.

      Compact size: 16" L x 10" W x 5.7" D (406 mm x 254 mm x 145 mm).

      Proven effective via GR-771 testing and field experience.

      Ideal for use in FTTH deployment and back-haul networks.

For more information on the COYOTE ONE Dome Closure or other PLP solutions,
visit http://www.preformed.com/COYOTEONE, email: inquiries@preformed.com, or
call 440-461-5200.

About Preformed Line Products

Founded in 1947, Preformed Line Products (NASDAQ: PLPC) is an international designer and manufacturer of products and systems employed in the construction and maintenance of overhead and underground networks for energy, communications, broadband networks and solar companies. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, the Company operates three domestic manufacturing centers, located in Rogers, Arkansas, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Albemarle, North Carolina. PLP serves worldwide markets through international operations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Spain and Thailand.


Rackmount Solutions, Inc.

SKB Portable Shockmount Rackmount Cases

Slide-Out / Removable Rack opens as easily as a file drawer allowing full access to equipment.

  • Rackrail depth is 24". Cases come in 7 sizes: 3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U, and 14U.
  • Standard 19” EIA rack width per EIA standards; tapped 10-32.
  • Lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, heat and chemical-resistant.
  • Front and rear doors are fitted with rubber gaskets for water resistant protection.
  • Patent pending compound hinge system allows the lids to swing out 270 degrees and rest along the sides of the case or easily removed and reinstalled in seconds.
  • Recessed heavy-duty twist latches allows these cases to meet most ATA and military specs.
  • Standard high quality slide in/out locking swivel casters.
  • Stacks securely switch wheels on or off. Lids open completely while cases are stacked.
  • SKB's Roto-Molded shock resistant shell for superior strength.
  • Black powder coated stainless steel key-lockable latches. 8 spring loaded, rubber over-moulded handles.
  • Standard color is Black. Options include Desert Tan and OD Green colors (please ask sales representative for details).

Distributed by Rackmount Solutions, Inc. See our GSA schedule 81IB #GF-02F-0214W

2805 E. Plano Parkway #200, Plano, TX 75074. 
sales@rackmountsolutions.net or see product at http://rackmountsolutions.net/SKB-3RR-Series-Slide-Out-Removable-Rackmount-Transport-Cases.asp



The powerful IP communications solution with a small footprint

The SLICE IP Micro redefines transportable IP communications. By integrating key IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) elements and call management functionality into the size of a hardcover book, the SLICE IP Micro puts all the power of a REDCOM SLICE IP into your hands. Powered by REDCOM's TRANSip® IP technology suite, SLICE IP Micro supports up to 3,000 VoIP subscribers, AS-SIP, MLPP, V.150.1, dual-stack IPv4/IPv6, and configurable conferencing.

Easily transportable for tactical communications and powerful enough for strategic applications, the SLICE IP Micro offers a complete VoIP solution in a single platform. The small footprint of the SLICE IP Micro makes it the product of choice when space is at a premium.

The SLICE IP Micro features a simple integrated design that reduces setup to plug-and-play installation. Minimizing deployment setup time gets you communicating quicker with this powerful IP solution. The entire unit is powered by a regular laptop power supply.

Transportability Redefined

Whether you need to deploy this SIP call controller to communications shelters, remote encampments, or tent cities, the SLICE IP Micro travels easily. The SLICE IP Micro is ideal for essential portable applications such as emergency response, police, fire, military and rapid deployment applications. When packaged in its ruggedized carrying case, the SLICE IP Micro is still small enough to fit in the overhead compartments of commercial aircraft. SLICE IP Micro is the fully featured SIP call controller you can take with you.

Priority and Preemption

The SLICE IP Micro offers interoperability, flexibility, priority routing, data collection, and priority protocol support as a comprehensive solution for multiple government applications. MLPP support means the SLICE IP Micro can be counted on when you need to ensure the most important calls get through during crisis situations.

Extensive Conferencing Support

The SLICE IP Micro supports several conferencing styles, including “progressive” (participants added one at a time), “meet-me” (participants meet at a valid number at a specified time), and “preset” (conference controller initiates the event, adding participants as they answer).


Syntonics Corporation


Product Announcement; Contact Ray.Madonna@SyntonicsCorp.com, 410.490.2680 

FORAX-HARC Aerostat Radio Relay Systems

Twenty six-radio FORAX-HARC aerostat radio relay systems were shipped in 2011 to an Army customer and 10 more systems are shipping in early 2012, all for deployment to an active war zone. Additionally, the first lightweight three-radio FORAX-HARC system is completing its tests. The lightweight FORAX-HARC Radio Interface Unit is shown in the picture nearby.

Syntonics’ FORAX™  (Fiber Optic Remote Antenna eXtension) RF-over-Fiber technology was initially developed for the U.S. Special Operations Command sponsor and is now deployed around the world in mission-critical 24x7 operations. HARC (High Antennas for Radio Communications) aerostat systems are a special case of FORAX. FORAX, the heart of the forward deployed High Antennas for Radio Communications (HARC) program, enables the mounting of radio antennas on aerostats sent aloft while the radios remain on the ground.

Using a FORAX-HARC system with an aerostat or tall tower, radio users can communicate out to the visual horizon, talk over terrain features, and talk down into “urban canyons” below the aerostat. Voice and data relay links can operate with the radios securely and conveniently in the operations center; only the radios’ antennas are on the high-flying aerostat or tower.

FORAX-HARC is a proven technology that enables almost any line-of-sight communication radio — military or public safety, VHF to UHF to cellular frequencies — to take advantage of existing aerostats to create a virtual “tall antenna tower.” Multiple radios share one optical fiber in the tether and antennas on the aerostat.

FORAX-HARC enables persistent, inexpensive wide-area and urban radio communications for tactical, border surveillance, and disaster recovery applications. In brief:

·         High antennas improve line-of-sight (LOS) radio coverage by enabling “over-the-horizon” communications (from the perspective of a radio on the ground) and local-area communications into mountainous terrain or congested urban areas.

·         Aerostats can inexpensively carry high antennas. Aerostats provide a tall, quasi-permanent radio tower. Aerostats are unmanned platform with relatively low acquisition and operating costs as compared to other approaches to providing wide-area LOS communications.

HARC connects multiple ground-based radios to high antennas on the aerostat via a single optical fiber in the aerostat’s tether. HARC enhances throughput by eliminating one hop in a networked radio application. Leaving the radios on the ground enables immediate access for radio maintenance and crypto key loading. All radio controls are at the User’s fingertips. Co-site interference is mitigated by the HARC system, enabling multiple co-located radios to successfully operate.


TACO Antenna




TACO Antenna is a leading manufacturer of VHF and UHF communications antennas for both military and commercial markets.  TACO began in the communications industry over 75 years ago and has been involved in military communications since World War II. We are actively involved in ground-air-ground communications and tactical communications.

It is with great pleasure that we recently introduced our UHF Manpack Antenna.  TACO’s new high-gain Manpack Antenna is designed for UHF SATCOM-on-the-move communications. The SAT-MP-320 covers the entire frequency band (240-400 MHz) with 11 dBic gain. This single piece antenna and tripod unit deploys in under one minute with no additional parts. Built to military standards, this rugged yet small antenna includes a durable nylon carrying bag, cables & tent stakes.

TACO manufactures High Quality communication ANTENNAS that are built for rugged use and reliable performance. TACO's wide range of antenna products have been engineered and designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Military, Defense Contractors and Air Traffic Control Systems worldwide. Omni, Helical and Yagi Antennas. We engineer solutions.

With progressive leadership that emphasizes customer service, through sales, marketing, research and innovation, TACO and Wade are able to deliver unrivaled service and satisfaction alongside leading edge technology. A newly built state of the art production facility in Brantford, Ontario was developed to meet our commitment to customer service. We build partnerships one customer at a time.                                                                                                                   


Tresys Technology


Tresys Technology Announces Low-Cost PL5 Uni- or Bi-Directional
Cross Domain Solution Bridge Appliance

Unique Tresys XD Bridge® Architecture Enables a Single Platform to
Support a Wide Range of CDS Transfer and Access Applications

The Tresys XD Bridge is a PL5 one or two-way data diode that secures network-to-edge and mission-infrastructure applications. Designed to be cost-efficient, XD Bridge offers low latency and high-throughput performance to enable real-time transfer of data between networks. The innovative architecture allows flexible/variable transport and filtering components and enables rapid deployment of data filtering applications—TSCs—to support the unique requirements of specific Government, Critical Infrastructure (CI), and Defense Industrial Base (DIB) customers.

The appliance’s design exclusively combines a Trusted Hardware Component, a matching Trusted Operating System (TOS), and multiple Trusted Software Components (TSC) cryptographically bound to the hardware and TOS. Each TSC provides unique data filtering and network integration features, allowing the development of new data filtering applications without costly development and re-certification of an entire CDS.

Available in both a 1U rack-mounted or tactical form factor, the appliance features two fully physically and electrically isolated computer systems connected by uni-directional, high-performance fiber interfaces and provides two uni-directional channels that can be used separately for highest security or together to form bi-directional communication managed with filtering to limit backchannels.

“The XD Bridge CDS appliance is an ideal solution for the Government, CI, and DIB customer with evolving Cross Domain Solution needs,” said Tresys CEO Gary Latham. “The flexibility provided by having DCID 6/3 PL5 level high-assurance and the separation of the certification and accreditation of the operating system OS and CDS functions decreases the development and accreditation burden for custom solutions which is a huge bonus to our customers. XD Bridge is now changing the way security professionals, information architects, and budget planners think about information transfers across domain boundaries in sensitive environments.”

The XD Bridge appliance and other innovative Tresys XD Series Cross Domain Solutions can be viewed at the West 2012 Conference and Exposition in San Diego, CA, January 24-26 in Booth #832.



Ultralife Communications Systems

RIOS TAC2 Interoperability Gateway from Ultralife Communications Systems

The RIOS TAC2 provides portable command and control for radio communications, video feeds and smartphone devices. Simply interconnect your radios and satellite phones to the integrated eight-port RIOS I/O chassis, launch the RIOS control software and instantly create powerful, easy-to-use crossband communications. Deploy multiple RIOS TAC2’s to create secure, ad-hoc communication networks using ethernet, satellite or wireless reach-back from anywhere in the world.

Secure, ad-hoc communication networks are incredibly easy with the powerful RIOS client control software for PC and Android.

Available software modules include:

  • RIOS Lite Android App (Audio & Video)
  • GPS Mapping Module
  • Remote Radio Control
  • Recording/Archiving Module
  • More

For more information please visit our website: www.ulbi/commsys

Or call toll free: 800-332-5000 (USA & Canada)

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