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Sponsored: Securing Mission Partner Environments Over Untrusted Networks And Infrastructure

May 11, 2021

Coordination among allied militaries is one of the world’s oldest problems. In the future, U.S. forces will likely operate in increasingly complex environments alongside diverse multinational forces to address emerging threats. Coalition command structures will require warfighting capabilities built on interoperability and a secure environment for communication and collaboration among trusted coalition forces at operational and tactical levels.

This is where Mission Partner Environments (MPEs) come in. When successful, these involve a network that can facilitate sharing of military intelligence among coalition forces for logistics, planning and warfighting. The effective use of MPEs to reduce risk and improve mission impact is dependent on numerous factors.

The most important is how to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information that flows through these often-insecure channels of communication from being compromised or disrupted by adversarial parties, insider threats, or unintended disclosures.

SpiderOak Mission Systems is pleased to invite you to a timely and relevant panel discussion where Brig. Gen. Jaqueline (Denise) Brown, USA; Brig. Gen. Jeffery D. Valenzia, USAF; Brig. Gen. Jeth Berrington Rey, USA; and Ted (“Hefty”) Conklin, technology director, Advanced Concepts and Technology, and senior engineering fellow at Raytheon, will discuss the threats to MPEs, the consequences of failure and how emerging technologies like Zero-Trust frameworks can secure the flow of information even in insecure, contested network environments.

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