Sponsored: Why Military Bases Should Prioritize Connectivity

July 9, 2020
By John McDonald, Sales Director, Federal DOD, CommScope

As the Department of Defense (DOD) continues its digital transformation efforts with systems upgrades and emerging technology, it needs to consider the foundational piece—the network infrastructure. Network infrastructure—including fiber and copper cabling, antennas, wireless access points and switches—is the backbone for all current and future devices that run on the network.

Although digital transformation is essential, it does present a few challenges: 1) bandwidth is limited, requiring the most efficient means possible to transmit information and 2) traditional cabling cannot support so many applications to their full potential. The DOD, with its high volume of users, robust applications and vast data stores, must be able to count on networks that are fast and reliable, and that can stand the test of time. For that, agencies need utility-grade infrastructure—a strong and durable network foundation that uses converged wired/wireless networks for strong connections.

As such, connectivity has emerged as the 4th utility—in conjunction with water, gas and electricity—to enable reliable, fast wireless networking and communications. The ability to seamlessly call, text or transfer valuable information while storing data safely is just as essential as turning on a lamp in a dark room. Military bases are one workplace that must embrace the 4th utility to deliver important connectivity.

Integrating the 4th Utility to Enable Smart Bases

Bases operate in a similar fashion to cities and towns. Just as much as they need clean water, military personnel need a powerful network to get their job of serving their country done properly, as they work both indoors and outdoors. In order to get “smart,” bases should consider upgrading both their wired and wireless infrastructure.

CommScope is the perfect provider for these “smart(er) base” technologies. CommScope offers an end-to-end solution to provide the 4th utility in base environments—from large-scale fixed to smaller, in-theater deployments. As part of this capability, military bases should look to incorporate:

  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Cloud RAN small-cell architectures
  • Adaptive antenna technologies
  • Smart mesh networking solutions
  • Wireless access points
  • Fiber and copper cabling

High-level security should also be integrated into this framework through an intelligent automated management system. By using FIPS-140, JITC, Common Criteria and CSfC certified solutions, military bases can ensure communications sent over the wired and wireless network are protected. A key benefit of CommScope’s technology is that it future-proofs networks to outlast evolutions in wired and wireless technology, giving the military the best possible return on investment. With the right networking technology in place, bases can take advantage of emerging technologies such as leveraging the Internet of Things, transitioning to the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and adopting 5G.

The Impact of the 4th Utility

Utilities are the backbone to any community, big or small, and the 4th utility is no different. If these fail in any form, the community suffers. Slow, unreliable connectivity is a detriment to a military base and to the warfighter. By upgrading infrastructure to better enable this 4th utility, bases can take advantage of new and emerging capabilities that will make the base function smarter. From video surveillance to enhanced security at entry points to simply providing a better user experience for Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) time, a more connected base benefits the entire base ecosystem.


John McDonald is Sales Director, Federal DOD, for CommScope.

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