Tactical Data Centers Transforming With Technology

August 7, 2017

More flexibility for military operations is possible.

Organizations operating in tactical environments require infrastructure that goes beyond the walls of the data center. As a result, traditional legacy storage and computing centers do not address the needs of most of today’s smaller tactical teams.

To support mission-critical applications, equipment must allow rapid deployment, high availability, linear scaling and secure operations. Modular mobile solutions must be able to scale from two to four people to hundreds of users, and they must have a manageable size and weight and power requirements that enable them to be deployed anywhere in the world and to operate in a cloud environment.

A hyperconverged data center approach is gaining momentum to meet these needs as users are seeking a single appliance that has compute, storage and networking included. With cloud and built-in virtualization, it is not necessary to manage a lot of disparate technologies. And, in a tactical environment, having technical personnel free to focus on applications and services, not the data center, can be critical.

Simple deployment is made possible by packaging the data center in a size that could be carried on to a commercial airline and using lightweight materials with built-in UPS power. Growth capabilities to meet expanding needs can be met with the addition of more hyperconverged appliances to the data center.

Learn more about the combining cloud, virtualization and modular mobile data centers for flexible deployments and about Nutanix and Klas Telecom, several of the companies bringing this concept to the field, in a webinar hosted in the SIGNAL Resource Library.


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