defense 2.0

July 22, 2010
By Rachel Eisenhower

The U.S. Defense Department's hub for all things social media has undergone a serious facelift, complete with tips, tricks and lessons on how to share information responsibly and effectively.

The Social Media Hub was redesigned to help members of the Defense Department community understand what constitutes proper use of Internet-based capabilities. The new site contains learning resources, detailed department policies and procedures, and social media guides for each military service branch.

May 25, 2010
By Paul Strassmann

(The following post continues the conversation from Gentlemen Do Not Open Attachments.)

1. Thin Client Case
A person with a ".mil" address walks up to a thin client anywhere in the world and logs in to the DoD NIPRNET "Secure Desktop" using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) access card, plus biometric ID. A thin client then presents a menu of available virtual computers to connect to. The choices will include secure NIPRNET-connected desktops, as well as insecure desktops connected to the Internet, as illustrated below: