ForeScout Technologies

January 1, 2018
By Ryan Brichant
One way international military and government agencies gather information about weather and oceanographic data to enhance forecasting and environmental models is through networked buoys. The Royal Danish Air Force deployed these ice-hardened buoys from a C-130 into the Arctic Ocean in September as part of the International Arctic Buoy Program. Credit: John F. Williams

No longer a curiosity, the Internet of Things has emerged as a highly sought-after technology advantage for organizations worldwide. The federal government has stepped up as an innovator within this space, generating profound advancements with seemingly unlimited promise to support national security missions. Those in doubt need look no further than research from the Center for Data Innovation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan institute, which reveals a broad range of eclectic, real-life implementations. 

September 1, 2016

ForeScout Technologies Inc., San Jose, California, promoted Niels Jensen from regional vice president to senior vice president, U.S. public sector.

August 9, 2011
By Jim Sweeney

Sam Davis has been named vice president of business development of ForeScout Technologies Incorporated, Cupertino, California.