research and development

May 2004
By Henry S. Kenyon


The U.S. Navy’s Center for Concept Visualization (CCV) uses three-dimensional imaging to create a virtual environment for viewing hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic phenomena.

June 2003
By Henry S. Kenyon

Semantic web technology offers smarter, more efficient data searches, information sharing.

U.S. Defense Department researchers are developing software that may be capable of accurately understanding the nuances of human language. The technology promises to greatly enhance a spectrum of computer-based systems—from commercial Web browsers and personal virtual assistants to advanced intelligence gathering and command and control systems.

November 15, 2013
By Maryann Lawlor

A revolution quietly erupted in October. On the University of Chicago campus, more than 80 innovators came together to discuss their ideas about how to solve some of the military’s most vexing problems. Not blind to the chain-of-command bureaucracy in which they operate, these pragmatic dreamers passionately moved forward in spite of it, because the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF) conference provided a place for in-person networking and commiserating, brainstorming and bracing one another up.