smart card

September 29, 2015
By Justin Marston
Derived credentials are the latest attempt to address the challenge of mobile authentication.

One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them,
One ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them. –
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

If you are not a fan of The Lord of the Rings, the executive summary is that you can simplify life and improve security for derived credentials if you only distribute one authorized credential, used by a thin client to access a centralized virtual operating system that holds all the other keys. For those with an appetite for a mystical romp through Middle Earth involving magical keys and rings, I suggest you place your tongue firmly in cheek and proceed.

July 13, 2012
By George Seffers

EmeSec Incorporated, Reston, Virginia, has announced that it has been awarded a $5 million indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card Stock. EmeSec will provide the VA Office of Information & Technology test cards and production PIV smart cards compliant with custom security features required by the VA PIV Program. EmeSec will extend its information assurance and identity management expertise to ensure the PIV smart cards meet extensive technical security requirements.