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Future May Depend on Learning to Develop a Global Conscience

May 19, 2016
By Beverly Mowery Cooper
William Halal, chairman of TechCast Global, speaks at the AFCEA International/George Mason University Critical Issues in C4I Symposium.

By the year 2040, we can expect to have general artificial intelligence comparable to humans, according to William Halal, chairman of TechCast Global, speaking on a panel at the AFCEA International/George Mason University Critical Issues in C4I Symposium.

Marching Toward Virtualization in Modern Warfare

May 19, 2016
By Bob Fortna
Realizing benefits such as lighter and more agile equipment, the Army has launched a steady march toward network modernization, evident through efforts such as the Project Manager Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (PM WIN-T).

For too long, warfighters have struggled with issues of space, weight and power, each posing major problems in tactical environments. Networking equipment historically has contributed to all three—barriers that must be expunged. Soldiers must travel light. Humvees that barely fit four people must serve as both transport vehicles and portable communication hubs. And networks must be powerful yet agile.

Operational Deception—Sometimes It Just Happens

May 17, 2016
By David E. Meadows

History has shown that deceiving an enemy may lie as much in reactions as actions.

Defense Department Remakes Silicon Valley Enterprise

May 12, 2016
By Robert K. Ackerman

Faced with criticism that its innovation efforts have been lagging, the U.S. Defense Department has reorganized its Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental, or DIUx, established in Silicon Valley last year. The new version will feature a partnership structure and include a new hub in Boston.

Biodetection System Bound for Space

April 28, 2016
The Lawrence Livermore Microbial Detection Array (LLMDA) will be on board the International Space Station. Image courtesy of NASA.

A biological detection system developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists will soon take a giant leap into outer space, lab officials announced.

Smaller Is Better for Technology and its Manufacturers

April 21, 2016
By Robert K. Ackerman

Agility is a common attribute to smaller individuals. Large technology companies are taking note and restructuring accordingly.

Industry Is DISA’s New Best Friend

April 20, 2016
By Robert K. Ackerman

The Defense Information Systems Agency will be relying on industry more than ever as it plans future military information technology systems.

Information Technology Labor Category Requirements Are Changing

April 19, 2016
By David E. Meadows

What technology job classifications will require more people, or fewer, in the future?

Aurora Flies Small-Scale LightningStrike UAV

April 18, 2016
By George I. Seffers

Aurora Flight Sciences announced company personnel successfully flew a subscale version of its LightningStrike vertical take-off and landing experimental plane (VTOL X-plane) for DARPA. 

Breaking the Chains of Antiquity: The Benefits of Hybrid Networking in a Defense Environment

April 11, 2016
By Tony Bardo

Current technology trends such as the Internet of Things, bring your own device initiatives and the deployment of cloud-based applications all demand more and more bandwidth. One aspect of modernization that could be overlooked as we rush to implement emerging technologies is also the most important—the network backbone that will support it all.

No Wrong Door: A New Approach to Collective Impact for Veterans

April 8, 2016
By Taylor Justice

Those of us with the privilege of providing social services to veterans and those with significant needs face a similar challenge: Addressing many requests for help that come at us from so many different directions.

Brainiac Supercomputer in the Works

March 29, 2016

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced it will receive a first-of-a-kind brain-inspired supercomputing platform for deep learning developed by IBM Research.

Next-Gen Airframe Spelled BLIMP

March 23, 2016
By Sandra Jontz
Panelists discuss advancing security technology in the air domain at an afternoon session of TechNet Air 2016., Bill Lemons discusses the need for flexibility to build effective cybersecurity measures.

History repeats itself: And the next-generation airframe might come as a bit of a surprise. Blimps. “They’re back,” said Thomas Kupiec, chief information security officer for SMS, as he shared as an example of two prototypes NASA is working on, complete with bulletproof skin and the potential for unmanned flight in the future.

Innovation Is a Growing Factor In the Future of Information Technology

March 15, 2016
By David E. Meadows

Recognizing that their future may depend on innovation, many U.S. government agencies now are doing more than just paying lip service to nurturing new technologies.

Researchers Uncover Surprising Trust Issues with Rescue Robots

February 29, 2016
Georgia Tech researchers built the "Rescue Robot" to determine whether or not building occupants would trust a robot designed to help them evacuate a high-rise in case of fire or other emergency. (Credit: Rob Felt, Georgia Tech)

People may rely on robots too much for their own safety, a new study suggests. 

Gearing Up for a Security Audit to Start the New Year

February 25, 2016
By Joel Dolisy

Your New Year’s resolutions are probably distant memories, but resolutions to improve agency IT security should be yearlong endeavors. Before gearing up to move forward with implementing new fiscal year 2016 IT initiatives, it is a best practice to conduct a security audit to establish a baseline and serve as a comparison to start thinking about how the agency’s infrastructure and applications should change, and what impact that will have on IT security throughout the year.

Information Technologies Key to Naval Power

February 19, 2016
By Robert K. Ackerman

Information is as important as maritime trade for U.S. prosperity, and the U.S. Navy must ensure that both keep flowing freely.

National Lab Announces 10 Advanced Manufacturing Projects

February 17, 2016
George I. Seffers

Advanced manufacturing projects will be supported through high-performance computing.

Cybersecurity Is Crucial to National Security

February 11, 2016
By David E. Meadows

Both the complexity and importance of cybersecurity are growing exponentially and are reflected in its designation as a critical element of national security (CENS).

Converged Systems Accelerate Federal IT Modernization

February 12, 2016
By George F. Holland

The information technology infrastructure, processes and solutions that government agencies rely on are becoming less suitable for today’s operational, mission and business challenges, says Federal CIO Tony Scott, the government’s top chief information officer. As a result, networks within those agencies are, indeed, going through significant changes.