U.S. Missile Defense Agency Looks to Lockheed Martin to Develop Technology to Intercept Missile Threats with Laser

October 6, 2017

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency tapped Lockheed Martin to develop a low power laser demonstrator (LPLD) missile interceptor technology. Under a nine-month, $9.4 million contract, Lockheed examine the use of its beam control concept demonstrator on an airborne platform to destroy missiles during the boost phase. "Our LPLD concept puts advanced beam control systems and a fiber laser on a high-performance, high-altitude platform to maximize risk reduction value over the demonstration period,” said Sarah Reeves, director in Strategic and Missile Defense programs at Lockheed Martin. “Lockheed Martin has committed millions of dollars to directed energy research and development, laying the groundwork for the laser technology that brings us much closer to an operational system capable of intercepting a missile in its boost phase."


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