• A new virtual platform offers electronic caregiving. Credit: SameDay Security
     A new virtual platform offers electronic caregiving. Credit: SameDay Security

Virtual Home Health Care Assistant Debuts at Consumer Electronics Show

January 9, 2019
Posted by Kimberly Underwood
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Addison, the electronic caregiver, offers medication and care management, and emergency response services.

A division of Las Cruces, New Mexico-based SameDay Security Inc., has introduced a virtual home health care assistant that the company claims will “quickly deliver an immersive end user experience.” The electronic interface, known as Addison Care, uses visual, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The system runs on Amazon Sumerian, a service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“Designed to transform the home into a full-time health and wellness environment, Addison appears on 15-inch media screens throughout a residence and provides support to consumers with features including medication management, care plan adherence, social experiences and emergency response,” a company official stated.

Addison can respond to emergencies, monitor vitals via Bluetooth devices, provide demonstrations, assesses movement and changes in gait, evaluate fall risks and check health status, among other activities. The system also can assist with nutrition, weight loss goals, plans of care management, examinations and monitored medication reminders, according to the company.

"We wanted to give new life to voice-based virtual assistants in a way that dramatically expands the utility of voice platforms, while significantly enhancing the user experience,” stated Anthony Dohrmann, founder and CEO of SameDay Security.

Dohrmann purports that Addison would transform the way people interact with technology. Given the electronic empathy, Addison would “inspire a feeling of affection, helping people connect and better embrace their new technology," he said. By creating “an enjoyable user experience in the home,” the system aims to shoulder some of the burden of home healthcare, the company suggested.

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