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SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Curtiss-Wright: Optimize Network Access at the Tactical Edge with Software Defined Wide Area Networking (CEU Approved)

Learn how cutting-edge SD-WAN technologies can ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable access to your data.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Commvault and AWS: Finetuning Your Agency's Motor: Reducing Money Spent, Time Wasted and Risk Incurred

Organizations are shifting away from manual processes that require on-site resources and find themselves challenged with finding ways to save time, reduce costs and lower risks. During this webinar you'll learn key benefits of working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Commvault to help manage your data efficiently, at lower cost and reduced risk.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Crestron: Real-Time Collaboration is Vital for Today s Government and Military

Easy to use and secure for large meeting rooms to small huddle spaces, video collaboration is now part of everyday workflow. Hear how all military branches and a multitude of government agencies world wide rely on Crestron to deliver mission-critical audio, video, content sharing and management for any BYOM environment, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Security Compass: Secure Software Development in the U.S. Government Agencies: Issues, Challenges and Next Steps

Executive Order 14028, Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity, focuses on protecting government software. In response, NIST has published NIST SP 800-218, which provides recommendations for software security. Join us as we discuss the people, processes and technology that impact these new software security requirements, including security during development, opportunities for automation, and challenges to anticipate from both supply and consumption perspectives.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Viasat: How 5G is Enabling the Next Revolution in Tactical Edge Communications

Explore how 5G technology drives the next revolution in tactical edge communications.

Past Webinars:

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Tableau: Accelerating Mission Success Through Enterprise Analytics (CEU Approved)

Maintaining superiority, readiness and operational advantage requires a transformational approach to leveraging data as a strategic asset. By implementing data strategies and modernizing data governance, processes, technologies and architectures, organizations are improving data access and capabilities for users. Gain perspectives and examples on how organizations can cultivate a data culture and bolster the workforce's data literacy and analytics skills.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by SpiderOak: Cybersecurity and the New Space Race

Learn about cybersecurity risks and challenges to the new space economy, the potential threats, implications of failure, new and emerging defensive capabilities and how we must modify our security posture to ensure we do not import the cyber vulnerabilities of earth-based systems into space-based systems.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Zscaler: Cloud-native vs. Cloud-resident Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Uncover the key differences between cloud-native and cloud-resident solutions, as well as the benefits of leveraging a cloud-native solution.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Collaboard: Innovation Lab for Defense and Industry Partners

To drive innovation, teams must-have digital tools to support hybrid collaboration and creative processes. IBM Defense Garage will show how they innovate with its government and defense customers in a post-pandemic scenario.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Viasat: Partnering Industry Cyber Services with Government Threat Intelligence

Learn how to operationalize exclusive high value classified intelligence to detect and provide actionable early warning against sophisticated cyber-attacks and nation state sponsored attacks in unclassified networks using threat intelligence provided through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) Program.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PESA: Beyond Stovepipes: Video Distribution for Today's Missions

Don't get left behind as VDS evolves. Learn how current systems leave you exposed while obstructing your access to improved multi-domain workflows and enhanced situational awareness,pinpoint where your current VDS solution is weak or at risk, and discover best practices for securing your VDS from dangers. Approved for CEs!

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Spirent: Complement Your Mission-Critical Cybersecurity Strategy with Proactive Assessments and Automation

Learn how a proactive cyber threat assessment and sound cybersecurity strategy help assess if your security investments work as intended, now and tomorrow.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by REDCOM: Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge

Discuss the state of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) today along with some of the challenges in bringing this technology to the edge and learn REDCOM's answer to this problem - a seamless, lightweight, easy-to-deploy authentication solution built from the bottom-up to meet the needs of users in the tactical domain.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by SGS: Utilizing an ISO/IEC 27001 Management System to Support Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Get an important update on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and gain an understanding of how to utilize an ISO/IEC 27001 management system to integrate, implement and maintain your CMMC requirements.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by IBM: The Power of Partnerships in a Continuously Connected World

Learn about IBM resources and the human-centric focus on best practices for implementing public and private sector partnerships to mitigate the risk of cyber threats.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Forcepoint: Strategies for Enabling Multi-Domain Collaboration through Secure Data & File Transfer

Discuss practical considerations for enabling collaboration within and between agencies and allies.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Security Compass: A Survey of DevSecOps and Continuous ATO in the Government Sector

Learn about the current and continuous DevSecOps and ATO challenges in the federal, state and local governments, how these challenges are being addressed, and upcoming challenges in DevSecOps and ATO.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Zscaler: Deploying SASE for DoD

Get a high level overview of the fundamentals of SASE, how Zero Trust and SASE work together to support DoD missions, and why Secure Web Gateway is the building block for SASE capabilities. Approved for CEs!

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PacStar: Reliable Multi-Cloud Access at the Tactical Edge

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies for capabilities envisioned by programs such as JADC2 to support machine learning, IoT and ISR provides new opportunities for defense organizations to achieve and maintain C5ISR overmatch as long as networks can reliably deliver those benefits at the tactical network edge. In this webinar you'll learn about modern tactical networks.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Forcepoint: Achieving Zero Trust Zero Fail Defense Grade Security

Learn what agencies must focus on to ensure their Zero Trust implementation goes beyond detection and achieves prevention and the key components to consider your Zero Trust implementation for an outcome based Zero Trust approach.