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SIGNAL WEBINAR: Rapidly Sharing and Visualizing Real-time Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Data for International Defense

Whether it's fighting domestic and international terrorism or tracking the activities of rogue nations, effectively addressing national and international threats requires a group of like-minded nations and defense organizations. In today's dynamically changing military environment, it is critical for coalition forces and nontechnical users to help create and leverage a modern, up-to-date and globally available digital database for geospatial information and location intelligence.

Join us as experts in the geospatial field discuss how Hexagon solutions empower in-theater operators and nontechnical geospatial users to rapidly share and visualize mission-critical geospatial intelligence that meets Multinational Geospatial Co-Production Program standards.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Thycotic: Trust or Zero Trust? Working from Home and Going Beyond Privileged Access Management

Least privilege is intended to prevent over-privileged access by users, applications or services to help reduce the risk of exploitation without impacting productivity or involving the IT help desk. It may help to think of least privilege by its other name - least authority - as it provides only enough authority for an entity to complete the job at hand. The least privilege model can also help curtail costs and increase efficiency. Join this webinar to understand how to maximize the benefits of least privilege, and learn just how much privileged access is too much. Join Thycotic s Chief Security Scientist Joseph Carson and learn more about: The Principle of Least Privilege Realities of the Zero Trust Model Best practices to get back in control

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Okta: Accelerate Joint Coalition Interoperability with Zero Trust

Success in joint coalition interoperability will fundamentally rely on the ability to provide rapid delivery (and recall) of application assets as well as secure application access in both forward and non-forward deployed locations. A key innovative capability involves leveraging modern, API-based application access (such as secure VDI), zero trust defense using cloud identity and AI /ML threat data to rapidly and securely present applications to joint mission partners.

Here, zero trust starts with the assumption that nothing can be trusted to be a non-threat. Instead, the identity becomes the basis of the risk assessment and enables mission partners to deliver the right data to the right mission partner. In this session, we'll discuss how defense teams can leverage these tools to reduce risk while enabling agility and speed of the mission.

Past Webinars:

SIGNAL WEBINAR: Why Just-in-Time (JIT) Privileged Access is the Next Big Step in Risk Reduction & How to Implement It

A true least-privilege security model requires users, processes, applications, and systems to have just enough rights and access. While organizations are increasingly effective at applying the 'just enough' piece using privileged access management (PAM) solutions, they have largely neglected time-limited and persistent risk. Just in Time (JIT) Administration is an approach in which organizations dynamically assign privileges when necessary and for the least time necessary. Attend this webinar to gain a firm understanding of how to significantly condense your organization's threat surface; identify use cases; choose and implement JIT PAM triggers, methodologies, and workflows that will immediately help you to drive down risk enterprise-wide.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: Instrumenting Cloud Security to Validate Critical Controls

Now that networks and workloads are more dynamic, moving across on-prem, edge, and multi-cloud environments, they are also more vulnerable. Most security issues happen because security professionals often do not have the means to confirm controls and strategies. One key to improving security in the cloud is continuous environmental drift validation being able to validate changes in cloud network layers and security controls do not have an unforeseen or negative impact. Join this webinar to learn how a proactive and measurable approach can enable your organization to identify risks before a breach occurs.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: DoD Cloud Future: Mission Assurance Through Strategic Workload Modernization in Azure

Leveraging the latest technological innovations in predictive analytics, security assurance, enterprise devops, and hybrid cloud operations has fueled significant digital transformation across the IT landscape and is proving to be an advantage against adversaries. In this webinar, we ll discuss how to modernize your mainframe workloads to gain strategic advantages by leveraging the latest IT innovations and services in Azure. Learn how and why some of the largest mainframe workloads in the world are being transformed in Azure and better understand how to apply the latest innovations in Azure to existing workloads with best practices from leading experts.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: Enhancing Common Operating Pictures with AI and Advanced Computing Capabilities

Dynamic Common Operating Pictures (COPs) are a vital part of defense and intelligence C4ISR decision support systems to provide situational awareness by delivering 2D and 3D views that incorporate terrain and moving indicators for friendly and adversarial assets. The value of dynamic COPs can be greatly enhanced by introducing advanced computing components that bring digital representations closer to reality while enhancing the user's ability to analyze patterns of behavior. Learn how Hexagon's Luciad platform helps C4ISR operators develop dynamic common operational picture applications.

SIGNAL WEBINAR: The DoDIN APL Certification: A Labor of Love

In order to be listed on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL), vendors must architect products that meet the highest security and interoperability specifications. This webinar explores the high security standards required by the DoDIN APL from the perspective of a company undergoing the certification process. Viewers will learn the ins and outs of this labor of love and why selecting COTS products from the DoDIN APL is of utmost importance for enabling the mission and securing DoD systems and networks.

SIGNAL Webinar: Advances in Software Defined Radio and RF Channel Emulation for Defense Radio Systems

Advances inspired by 5G are making their way into the design and testing of military communications systems. From Massive MIMO and beamforming to mmWave and high-bandwidth channels, new RF technologies can be applied to secure communications, electronic countermeasures, mesh networks, ground-to-air and tactical endpoints. This webinar will share trends in the commercial wireless space and how SDR has been used to prototype, test and deploy critical capabilities; as well as recent developments in RF Channel Emulation for simulating RF fading, noise, reflections, doppler motion and hostile signals in the lab.

SIGNAL Webinar: Machine Learning and Edge Visualization for Information Supremacy

Information supremacy is the foundation of success in modern warfare. Defense and Intelligence organizations are well on the way to solving the first challenge - collecting the data. Sifting through the huge geospatial datasets and then quickly visualizing and analyzing them remain major challenges. Join us as experts in the geospatial field discuss solutions to address these challenges by embracing emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing. See how Machine Learning and advanced analytical tools can automate the process of identifying targets and objects of interest.

SIGNAL Webinar: Enforcing Device Policy with 24/7 Detection, Location, and Alerting for Cellular, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Old "no devices anywhere" policies have stopped working. Security officers need to be able to exclude all wireless and cellular devices from some indoor spaces and allow authorized devices in other spaces. Or allow a device in until it misbehaves by connecting outside the secure space. In this webinar Bastille will detail three customer use cases from Defense and Civilian Agencies including how they: Enforce adaptable RF device policy;Geo-fence sensitive areas and alert if/when they are breached; Accurately locate known and unknown cell phones with or without Mobile Device Management (MDM) and more!

SIGNAL Webinar: Data Protection & Management for the U.S. Courts

Data protection and availability is more important than ever. Given today s risks, a robust data protection plan and disaster recovery is critical for every government organization. Agencies must have 24/7/365 data access and the ability to recover their virtualized server environments quickly in the event of an unplanned outage. Veeam s data management and backup solution simplifies backup, recovery and replication and protects information from the ravages of cyber warfare.This webinar will cover:- Biggest challenges for protecting your secure data and keeping your business-critical applications available.- Opportunities for a simpler, faster, less-expensive alternative to your data backup.- A detailed description of Veeam Backup and Replication.- The latest features of the Veeam availability suite.

SIGNAL Webinar: RF Sensor Fusion: Securing Your Indoor Airspace Using RF Device Positioning Sensors

Mobile phones and other wireless devices are a productivity tool but also a threat that must be mitigated (CNSS Directive 510, etc.). Multi-channel radio frequency (RF) sensors paired with positioning algorithms enable you to see the unseen. Track authorized and unauthorized Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cellular devices including broadcasting phones, recorders, listening devices, smartwatches, tablets, computers, access points, IoT devices and more. In this practical webinar Inpixon will review real-world use cases of AirPatrol to establish an indoor security dome at clients such as a military command center, diplomatic site and nuclear research facility.

SIGNAL Webinar: XML and Content Management: Modernizing Your Agency s Digital Content

Unstructured content and data creates limitations for military and civilian agencies. Without clear insight in what content exists and where it resides, it is difficult for government to access critical data and provide that information to employees and citizens in times of need. As the DoD is the largest employer in the U.S., with employees and families in every state and dozens of countries all over the world, communication is essential to success.During this webinar, you will learn how better managing your content though XML Documentation can set the stage for content reuse, sharing and discoverability, multichannel delivery, and successful service delivery to your employees, and civilian and military audience.We will discuss: What is the difference between unstructured and structured managed content What are the content and data challenges facing government and the private sector How do structured authoring standards in XML improve content and data accessibility and use How does Adobe Experience Manager use XML Documentation to unify content Where have agencies and businesses been successful in modernizing digital content management