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SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by RedSeal: Real World Lessons From Large-Scale Cloud Migrations

Examine the challenges in inventorying your applications, network and services prior to your cloud implementation, learn the cross-organization coordination necessary for secure cloud deployments and more.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Nokia: Automating Your Communications Network for 5G and Cloud-Ready C5ISR

Learn the opportunities and challenges for defence networks posed by 5G and cloud-based service delivery, why network and cyber-security automation and orchestration is needed, how to automate your defense strategic and operative networks and more.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Elastic: Real-Time Situational Awareness: Moving from Concept to Mission

Learn best practice step-by-step guidance to help mission or operational leaders organize signals of interest, perform a dataset gap analysis, structure data ingest and correlation and design customizable dashboards.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Verizon: EIS and the DoD: Transition and Modernize With Ease

During this webinar, Verizon defense subject matter experts will discuss: What the EIS contract is, how defense agencies should use it to help plan their digital transition journey and ways EIS can help future transformation needs

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Forcepoint: Achieving Zero Trust Zero Fail Defense Grade Security

Learn what agencies must focus on to ensure their Zero Trust implementation goes beyond detection and achieves prevention and the key components to consider your Zero Trust implementation for an outcome based Zero Trust approach.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PacStar: Reliable Multi-Cloud Access at the Tactical Edge

The rapid adoption of cloud technologies for capabilities envisioned by programs such as JADC2 to support machine learning, IoT and ISR provides new opportunities for defense organizations to achieve and maintain C5ISR overmatch as long as networks can reliably deliver those benefits at the tactical network edge. In this webinar you'll learn about modern tactical networks.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Forcepoint: Strategies for Enabling Multi-Domain Collaboration through Secure Data & File Transfer

Discuss practical considerations for enabling collaboration within and between agencies and allies.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by REDCOM: Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge

Discuss the state of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) today along with some of the challenges in bringing this technology to the edge and learn REDCOM's answer to this problem - a seamless, lightweight, easy-to-deploy authentication solution built from the bottom-up to meet the needs of users in the tactical domain.

Past Webinars:

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PESA: The Importance of Secure AV Distribution for JADC2 and Information Dominance

Learn about the need for advanced, secure VDS systems, walk through detailed use cases, including C2, DC2, VTC, CIC, Watch Floors and more and envision how your VDS system can meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's missions.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Merlin Cyber: Best Practices for a Zero Trust Approach to Cybersecurity

Learn best practices on how organizations will continue implementing Zero Trust architectures.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by McAfee: Hybrid Zero Trust Solutions for the Warfighter and Mission-Critical Resources: Uniting Secure Access and Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Security

Join McAfee Enterprise and Appgate Federal technical executives who will discuss the realities of Zero Trust deployments, how ZeroTrust impacts DoD data protection strategies and how the Air Force is leading the Zero Trust charge for DoD across multiple programs.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by PacStar: Intelligence Sensor Data Analytics at the Tactical Edge

Explore how high-performance analytics software and modern computing can be deployed at the edge and better support the Joint All-Domain Common and Control strategy, better known as JADC2.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Janes: Fortress Europe? Cooperation and Third-Country Market Access in the EU and UK

This webinar will provide a review of the implications of the European Defence Fund (EDF), Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO), and the pending U.K. procurement and industrial cooperation policy changes on intra-European cooperation and external market access.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Bluescape: Scaling Innovation

Learn how leaders at NavalX, AFWERX, ONR and industry are modernizing both process and technology at scale within the DOD and how your organization can benefit from their many successes.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by MarkLogic: How IT Modernization is Improving Logistics for the DoD

IT modernization has been a consistent goal across the DoD and when it comes to logistics, there is a huge opportunity to streamline and increase efficiency. The process to acquire, administrate, and manage materiel has left them with multiple legacy systems and outdated infrastructure. These legacy systems at organizations like the Marine Corps Logistics Command are an example of the condition of many Defense IT systems in use today - notoriously slow and unresponsive by today s standards, with no coordination or exchange of information, therefore causing accuracy to suffer.

SIGNAL Webinar in recognition of AFCEA's 75th Anniversary: Connecting the Technology Dots

Some technology will change the world, but all technology will have an impact. Learn details about the technologies that experts identified as essential for federal, corporate and military decision makers to understand now in preparation for the future. The discussion will focus on technologies highlighted in the 2021 AFCEA Technology Vectors report, authored by the AFCEA Technology Committee and The TechCast Project. The webinar will educate on topics such as blockchain, advanced manufacturing and AI, and how such technologies can be connected and leveraged.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Crestron Electronics, Inc: The Importance of Bringing Video and Audio Distribution to Your Network Weapons System

Learn how Crestron's DM NVX technology and its ability to transport high definition 4K60 4:4:4 video over standard Gigabit Ethernet with no perceptible latency or loss of quality can be used to securely distribute video, audio, USB, and control signals across a broad range of applications.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Security Compass: Learn to Implement a cATO Architecture

The value of achieving Continuous ATO (cATO) is well known at this point. What is less well known, however, are implementation details. Specifically, what categories of tools make it effective. In this webinar, we'll discuss the key components of a cATO architecture and walk through a use case of how the implementation works.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Metallic, a Commvault Venture: Why settle? FedRAMP High Data Protection is now here

With the overnight shift in remote work and IT management, growth of hybrid cloud environments, and emergence of new and sophisticated cyberthreats, data security is top of mind for today s federal agencies. To stay resilient, today s agencies must reshuffle their data protection strategies to remove data silos, while comprehensively safeguarding their data estate. In this webinar, we will discuss how FedRAMP-compliant backup solutions blend the best of data security with the best of SaaS and how the Metallic SaaS data protection sets itself apart as the ONLY FedRAMP High solution currently available.

SIGNAL WEBINAR Sponsored by Spirent Communications: Ensuring Performance with a Network Digital Twin

Join Spirent for this webinar to explore how a Network Digital Twin can ensure technologies such as 5G, Wi-Fi, and ORAN will work and be secure before being deployed in the most demanding field environments.


The number of cyberattacks, the increased sophistication of attackers, the greater reliance on cloud for remote work: all of these factors point to the fact that adopting a zero trust approach is essential. Why? Because adversaries continue to come up with new ways to breach boundaries and access identity. Over the next several years, agencies will need every tool in their arsenal to fight ever-creative, ever-expanding cyber threats. Starting now with a zero trust mindset and framework is the single most important step agencies can take to mount a strong defense.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Thycotic: FROM ZERO TO FULL DOMAIN ADMIN - Tracking the digital footprint of a ransomware attack - A REAL-WORLD INCIDENT

Follow in the footsteps of a cyber-criminal and uncover their digital footprint. Take a journey inside the mind of an ethical hacker's response to a ransomware incident that brought a business to a full stop, and discover the evidence left behind. Malicious attackers look for the cheapest, stealthiest way to achieve their goals. Windows endpoints provide many entries to IT environments and access sensitive information. This session will show an attacker's techniques and how they went from zero to full domain admin compromise that resulted in a ransomware incident.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Precision OT: 400G: Network Modernization Strategies and Considerations

The widespread use of mission critical, data-intensive services have accelerated and the desire for cloud-ready network infrastructure to support battlespace requirements is growing. Seamless connectivity demands higher bandwidth capacity and lower latency, thus network operators are turning to the adoption of 400G optical technologies as part of their network modernization strategy. Our experts will cover: The emergence of 400G digital coherent optics (DCO) and the new dynamic of multi-vendor interoperability; 400G network upgrades with supply chain constraints; And more!

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Bluescape: The Virtual Common Operating Picture - Innovation, Collaboration and Mission Delivery

Now that the DoD has access to Secure Digital Whiteboard Software with an ATO and DISA FedRAMP sponsorship, how can this seemingly simple technology solve higher-order challenges such as communicating complex ideas visually with dispersed teams? Hear how FedDATA, Peraton, and ManTech are approaching the future of public sector problem-solving by using available solutions and techniques on complex engagements.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by Unisys: Doing Cloud Right: Securing your Multi-Cloud Environment

The pandemic prompted a rush to the cloud. Fast action was critical given the rapid increase in work-from-home requirements and the need to embrace digital technologies. Establishing security in your hybrid and multi-cloud environments is especially problematic with multiple vendors or disparate architectures. It's time to address compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy and risk implications of your cloud deployment. In this webinar gain insights around how to effectively secure your multi-cloud journey and maximize your hybrid and multi-cloud investment.

SIGNAL WEBINAR sponsored by PESA: Prepare for Transformational Changes to Your Video Distribution Systems (VDS) to Meet the Objectives of the Cybersecurity Executive Order

With the recent cybersecurity attacks and the recurrence of ransomware, the need for zero-trust is evident. The White House responded with a new Cybersecurity Executive Order that defines stringent mandates and will materially impact VDS solutions as it pertains to initiatives to Modernize Federal Government Cybersecurity. This webinar will walk through VDS cybersecurity best practices for zero-trust architecture and a secure cloud. Approved by CompTIA for 1 CEU.