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SIGNAL Webinar: Modernizing and Optimizing ePublication Management

Unstructured content and data creates limitations for military and civilian agencies. Without clear insight in what content exists and where it resides, it is difficult for government to access critical data and provide that information to employees and citizens in times of need. As the DoD is the largest employer in the U.S., with employees and families in every state and dozens of countries all over the world, communication is essential to success. During this webinar, you will learn how better managing your content though XML Documentation can set the stage for content reuse, sharing and discoverability, multichannel delivery, and successful service delivery to your employees, and civilian and military audience. Sponsored by Adobe.

Past Webinars:

SIGNAL Webinar: Delivering Leading-Edge Computing Technology to the Public Sector

To embrace the fast pace of technological innovation public sector customers aremoving to commercial technologies fortheir modern missions. This provides newopportunities for defense, aerospace andgovernment system developers to increasedifferentiation, performance and securitywhile reducing overall cost in their realtime processing systems that supportmodern missions like EW/Radar, analytics,avionics and secure voting machines.Join us and learn how Intel is uniquelyqualified to tune its portfolio of commercial technologies for use in defense andgovernment applications and how Inteland partner solutions help system designers and developers address present andemerging challenges, including rapiddeployment of mission needs and delivering on superior component performance,security, safety, form factor and ease of use.

SIGNAL Webinar: Reducing Risk and Improving Visibility in the Multi-Cloud World

Digital Transformation and IT Modernization are changing the way that agencies deliver services. The IT team is forced to look at new technologies and methodologies to transform workloads and the data center. Most often, cloud technologies are the most likely candidates to drive this change. However, cloud and virtualization choices have limited IT s visibility which has led to longer outages, increased mission risk and dissatisfied users. As workloads are transformed, the sheer number of workloads results in complexity that was never before imagined. These changes result in significant risk as the cyber-attack surface is greatly increased.

SIGNAL Webinar: 2019 State of the Phish Report

Phishing continues to be the number one attack vector. Why? Because it works, all too well. Industries of every kind fall prey to these scams, from financial organizations to government contractors. The fifth annual State of the Phish Report provides the data-driven intelligence you need to manage end-user risk more effectively. Sponsored by Proofpoint.

SIGNAL Online Event: Modernizing the Network Leveraging As a Service Model

Today's IT environment is ever-changing. Agencies cannot afford to invest the same money and resources in the network in the same ways. By leveraging XaaS and shifting the risk to industry, they may find more effective and sustaining networking capabilities. There are still challenges on this path - but by working together - having open conversations addressing cost, complexity and challenges - networking as a service is successful. Sponsored by Iron Bow Technologies and Dell EMC.

SIGNAL Webinar: Achieving Instant Situational Awareness in Secure Command and Control Environments

Join this webinar to learn how to create and manage a next-generation command and control infrastructure solution that simplifies multi-classification architecture, allowing defense and intelligence organizations to streamline their IT needs. Sponsored by Thinklogical.

SIGNAL Online Event: Modernizing Data Protection

When it comes to modernizing their data, agencies need to consider controlling costs, freeing up space for incoming data, improving security, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and classifying content for search and discovery. To manage these complex challenges, many agencies are looking to store data on-premises or in the public cloud so it is secure, manageable and easy to locate. Attend this webinar to learn how modernizing data protection reduces complexity, scales with growth and provides a foundation for multi-cloud data management. Sponsored by DLT & Veritas

SIGNAL Webinar: Advance Your Mission with a Secure Digital Transformation Strategy

Data management, protection and Artificial Intelligence are critical pathways on the journey into digital transformation and the cloud. A correct security strategy is also essential in advancing an organization's mission and meet compliance guidelines. Join cloud experts from Microsoft and Commvault, a key enabler for data driven cognitive services and artificial intelligence, for a discussion of effective strategies and a live demonstration of managing and governing data from a single platform. Sponsored by Commvault & Microsoft

SIGNAL Webinar: Availability for ALL workloads Virtual, Physical & Cloud

The confidence of knowing that your information is available whenever and wherever you need it is the key to driving proficiency and controlling costs. Federal agencies need to provide more current ways for citizens to engage and for employees to achieve mission objectives. Additionally, aging systems are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. In this webinar we discuss how to: Simplify backup management for virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads, reduce the impact on your production environment with new storage snapshot capabilities and mitigate risk with new data management analytics and compliance reporting. Sponsored by Veeam

SIGNAL Webinar: Core Level Security Extended to the Tactical Edge

Core data center functionality is moving to the field as part of battlefield multi-domain transformation. It is becoming commonplace for command posts, mobile command centers, and even mobile platforms: vehicles, ships, and planes to contain micro data centers that provide new capabilities and services at the cyber-edge to the warfighter. This session will discuss how core cyber security controls can be transitioned to the tactical field in order to safely provide highly sensitive data for command and warfighters at the cyber-edge. Sponsored by SafeNet Assured Technologies.