AFCEA ROTC Scholarship Pre-Requisite

AFCEA ROTC Scholarship Pre-Requisite
Pre-Requisite ROTC Scholarship

ROTC scholarships ranging from $2,000-$3,000 each are awarded to students enrolled full- time in a C4I-related major or the following fields of study:

Biometry/Biometrics, Computer Engineering, Computer Forensics Science, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Systems, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Geospatial Science, Information Science, Information Technology, Information Resource Management, Intelligence, Mathematics, Network Engineering, Network Security, Operations Research, Physics, Robotics Engineering, Robotics Technology, Statistics, Strategic Intelligence, or Telecommunications Engineering at accredited 4-year colleges or universities in the United States.

Majors related to the mission of AFCEA will only be accepted for the ROTC Scholarship. Applicants must be at least a second-year college student enrolled full-time as a sophomores or juniors with an overall 3.0 GPA at four-year accredited college or university at the time of application submittal.

All applicants must be endorsed by their ROTC Professor of Military Science, Professor of Naval Science, Professor of Aerospace Studies or designated Commanding Officer as appropriate. In addition, applicants must provide two Letters of Recommendation from faculty in their field of study. An official transcript including all college-level study as well as courses in progress is also required. Transcript can be unofficial and signed by your unit and emailed to us.

* Indicates a Required Field
Are you a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident?  
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Are you currently enrolled in ROTC as a full-time student as either a sophmore (second-year student minimum) or junior at a 4-year accredited college or university in the United States (community colleges and on-line programs are not eligible)? Are you majoring in one of the C4I fields listed above?  
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  1. Letter of Nomination from ROTC Professor of Military Science, Professor of Naval Science, Professor of Aerospace Studies or designated Commanding Officer as appropriate will be required for all applicants.
  2. Two (2) additional letters of recommendation from current or recent professors in your field of study are required from all applicants
    • Instructions on electronic submission of all Nomination/Recommendation letters will be provided to endorsers by email when application is submitted.
  3. Transcripts from all undergraduate institutions are required.
    • Can be Student-issued copy from Registrar's Office OR can be a certified printed website copy containing ROTC endorsement seal or signature - electronic submissions preferred.
Electronic submission of transcripts and any additional materials is preferred in pdf or jpg format to and must be received by the deadline of May 31 addressed to
Ms. Sarah Fischetti
AFCEA Educational Foundation, 4114 Legato Rd, Fairfax, VA 22033  

Deadline: 06/01/2021