Course #10204-A

Basic Intelligence Support to Cyber Conflict

Dates: Jun-21-2010 - Jun-21-2010


AFCEA Headquarters - Map and Directions

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Note: This course has been confirmed as scheduled. Instructor, Jason Healey was an executive director for Goldman Sachs Asia, and he coordinated all Air Force efforts to stand up the Joint Task Force - Computer Network Defense, the first ever joint military cyber warfighting command.

Course Description:


Basic Intelligence Support to Cyber Conflict


Basic Intelligence Support to Cyber Conflict is an unclassified 1-day introduction to intelligence support to warfare conducted in cyberspace, and addresses computer network attack, defense, and exploitation  It is intended for individuals starting a career in the field or who are interested in separating the hype from the reality of intelligence in cyberspace. This course covers the nature of cyberspace;  understanding cyber attacks and U.S. adversaries in cyberspace;  and intelligence support to computer network defense and offense, including indications & warning (I&W) and battle damage assessment (BDA).

Session 1: Introduction
o EDT versus DISA (1998) and GS (2002) as examples of cyber attacks and adversaries, definitions, defensive courses of action, uncertainty, thin line between offense and defense, targeting, and battle damage assessment

Session 2: Cyberspace as a Warfighting (and Intelligence) Domain
o Nature of Cyberspace
o Definitions
o The Timing of an Attack
o Attack Spectrum

Session 3: Adversaries in Cyberspace
o Adversary Characterization
o Understanding National Security Adversaries in Cyberspace
o Support to Attack Sensing and Warning

Session 4: Intelligence Support to the Defense
o Defensive Courses of Action
o Incident Coordination
o Attack Characterization
o Attribution and Beyond Attribution Session 5: Intelligence Support to the Offense
o Targeting
o Battle Damage Assessment