28 - 29 October 2010

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

London, United Kingdom

"Integrating Cyberspace into the Battlespace"

An examination of the operational and technical challenges that confront today’s battlespace commanders as they seek to establish a balance between bits and bytes versus bullets and bombs.




‘Cyberspace’ as a term was only coined 25 years ago, but the concept has already established itself as a boundless environment providing access to information exchange. It is an integral part of a commander’s appreciation of the environments, factors and conditions that form the battlespace. But ‘information’ is fundamentally different from the traditional tools of war; bits and bytes do not equate to bullets and bombs and therefore must be handled differently but with a complementary understanding. Cyberspace operates without regard to international boundaries at the speed of light – it challenges the art of warfare.

TechNet International provided an opportunity to examine the need for integration within four different sessions: 

Session I – ‘Cyberspace’: what is it, where is it, whose is it? 


Session II – The Commander’s Approach to Integration. 


Session III – The Technical Challenges of Integration. 


Session IV – Panel Session: Cyberspace – A Global Battlespace? 



Attendees included military personnel, government officials, interested consultants from industry and academia, MoD contractors and high technology product and service manufacturers. There were ample networking opportunities, including two evening events, and an exhibit hall to view cutting-edge technologies, products and services.

The presentations are available, click here.

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