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AGE RESTRICTIONSAre there any age restrictions to get into the exposition hall?
No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the exposition hall area at any time.


AIRPORT & TRANSPORTATIONWhat is the closest airport to the Lisbon Congress Centre and what transportation options are available?

Where does the conference take place?
The conference will be held at the Lisbon Congress Centre.  The address is:


Praça das Indústrias
Lisbon | Portugal
Tel: +351 21 360 1400


How do I get to the Lisbon Congress Centre?

  • By Car:

Praça das Indústrias

1300-307 Lisbon | Portugal
GPS:  38°41'57.80"N    |   9°10'57.00"W


The Lisbon Congress Center is equipped with two large car lots with a total capacity of 1,100 spaces.


            Parking 1

            This lot located right in front of the entrance to the Congress Centre and is composed of two floors, a

            ground floor and another underground level, with a capacity of parking for 500 cars, 250 per floor.

            Parking 2

            This lot is composed of two underground floors with a capacity of 600 spaces and is located in the far

            west of the Congress Centre.  This parking lot enters and exit by the Rua da Junqueira, across from the

            Institute of Tropical Medicine.


  • By train or bus:

The Lisbon Congress Centre is located in the heart of Lisbon, in an area easily accessible by bus, tram and taxi and about 15 minutes from the airport.  Please click here for additional information about public transportation (and route schedules).


  • By Plane:

Lisbon airport (LIS) also known as Lisbon Portela Airport, is the main international gateway to Portugal. Being one of the largest airports in Southern Europe, Lisbon Airport has two main runways and continues to expand.  


  • Ground Transportation from the Airport to hotels* and Lisbon Congress Centre

                   - Bus
                   There is a bus network from the airport that offers services to passengers who are travelling to

                   various destinations from the airport.

                   - Taxi
                   Taxi service is available at the main terminal. Taxis generally charge an average of €10 - €15 to the

                   city center. They charge a minimum of €2.35 during the day and €2.50 at night.

                   Though some of the taxi drivers may take longer routes to keep the meter running, the trip should

                   take an average of 15 minutes to the city center. Sometimes is better to pre-book your transfer

                   check taxi rates here (service by GTR Lisbon airport taxi company)


                   One way fare between the Congress Centre and the airport is €15, on average.


                   *Hotels: Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, Lisbon Marriott Hotel and Sheraton Lisbon Hotel & Spa.


                   The local taxis work with two main rates: Rate 1, during the week between 6am and 9pm; Rate 2, at

                   night from 9:00PM to 6:00AM and on weekends. Rate 2 is 25% more expensive. The fare outside of

                   the city is calculated on a kilometer basis upon leaving the city limits, about 0,40€/km. Any highway

                   tolls are paid by the client. When taking a cab, try to enquire about the price to your destination

                   first. Save your receipt and check if the license plate matches the receipt details. Check if the meter

                   is running and rate code is correct. The rate code is displayed on the top of the car.



                   Taximeter starting rates are:
                   - Rate 1: day - 2,35€ 
                   - Rate 2: night and weekends - 2,50€

                   Luggage: 1,60€ (bigger than 55x35x20cm). 
                   Animals: 1,60€ 

                   More Information
                   Teletáxis: +351 218 111 100


                   - Rent-A-Car
                   Car rentals are available at the airport. More information: click here


ATTENDEE LIST – How can I obtain the TechNet International 2013 attendee list?
An attendee list will be available on-site.



There will be a coat check available on Level 0 (ground floor), Foyer C on 22 - 24 October.


CONFERENCE SCHEDULEWhere can I find a schedule of events?
A preliminary schedule of events is available on the TechNet International website, click here.


CONTACTSWho are my key contacts?


AFCEA Europe

105, rue Colonel Bourg                                               

1030  Brussels



Telephone:      +32 2 705 27 31

Fax:                   +32 2 705 28 94





Maj.Gen. (ret.) Klaus-Peter Treche     General Manager

Pia Sementilli    Director of European Operations

Mandy Rizzo      Events Manager (Other queries)

Linda Guthrie    Speakers, Programme and  Symposium


Elodie Mercier Sponsors and Exhibitors registrations


J. Spargo & Associates, Inc.                

11208 Waples Mill Road, Suite 112

Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Telephone:          +1 703-631-6200

Fax:                       +1 703-563-2691


Website :    




Arina Kravets   Senior Manager, Exposition Operations


Paul doCarmo  Account Manager, Exhibit Sales (A – L)

Connie Shaw    Account Manager, Exhibit Sales (M-Z)



Rua do Bojador, Edificio FIL

Parque das Nações, 1990-010
Lisboa, Portugal

Telephone:          +351 218 921 528

Fax:                       +351 218 921 358


Website :   



Margarida Sá   Account Representative


TWI Group

4480 South Pecos Road

Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

Telephone:          +1 702-691-9000

Fax:                       +1 702-691-9045

Website :    


Account Contacts:

Elias Guerra 

Tyler Hunt    

Monique Scott

Kerwin Johnson


Congress Centre    

Praça das Indústrias, 1300-307
Lisboa, Portugal


Telephone:          +351 213 601 400

Fax:                       +351 213 601 499


Website :   


AFCEA Europe

105, rue Colonel Bourg

1030  Brussels



Telephone:      +32 2 705 27 31

Fax:                   +32 2 705 28 94





Mandy Rizzo      Events Manager

Linda Guthrie     Symposium registrations

Elodie Mercier   Sponsors & Exhibitors registrations



Mr. Petr Jirásek    Executive Committee member AFCEA





AFCEA Europe

105, rue Colonel Bourg

1030  Brussels



Telephone:      +32 2 705 27 31

Fax:                   +32 2 705 28 94





Linda Guthrie     Symposium registrations

Elodie Mercier   Sponsors & Exhibitors registrations







































CURRENCY – What is the currency in Portugal?

Portugal utilizes the Euro as their mode of currency.  The current exchange rate can be viewed by clicking here. Please note the exchange rate is subject to change.


DEMOGRAPHICS – What is the expected demographic breakdown of attendees?
For details on demographic breakdown please contact Connie Shaw or Paul doCarmo at +1 703-631-6200 or via email at or


DRESS CODEWhat is the dress code for booth personnel?
The AFCEA TechNet International event has significant participation by senior military and civilian leadership, as well as significant commercial industry representation; therefore, we should demonstrate a professional appearance. Business dress or appropriate uniform of the day is requested.  



  - BUDGETAs an exhibitor, how do I work with a tight budget?

  • Always order your services before the discount deadlines.
  • Consolidate your freight and shrink wrap it to avoid additional material handling charges. 
  • For large groups use shuttle transportation rather than individual taxi service. 
  • Always bring back up supplies so you don’t have to rent them for a premium at the show.  Some items are more cost effective to bring on your own rather than renting them repeatedly at every show. (i.e. power strips, extension cords, artificial plants, waste basket, etc..) 
  • Consider the costs of rental stands, carpet and booth furnishing versus shipping and material handling charges for your own stands.


  - COSTS – As an exhibitor, what other costs can I expect in addition to my booth space?

Stand Carpeting
Hard-wall stand (stand rental options available through FilDesign). Technical exhibitor manual will become available on 1 August.

Most Exhibitors will incur/need:
Material Handling/Drayage charges
Shipping charges
Booth furniture (i.e. draped tables, chairs, etc.)



If applicable:
Electric/Phone/internet connection

Prices will become available in the Technical Exhibitor Manual on 1 August.  All confirmed exhibitors will receive a manual via email. 


EXHIBITOR LISTWho is exhibiting this year?
Please click here to view the list of current exhibitors on the interactive floorplan.


EXHIBITOR SERVICE MANUAL – When will I receive my exhibitor service manual?
A technical exhibitor manual will become available on the exhibitor website on 1 August.  All exhibitors will be notified via email.


EXPOSITION SCHEDULE – What are the installation, dismantling and show hours?
The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.  An official schedule will be provided in the technical exhibitor manual on 1 August.

22 October, 2013          0800 - 2000    Stand building and exhibitor set up

Exposition Hours
23 October, 2013          0800 - 1930
24 October, 2013          0800 - 1600

24 October, 2013          1600 - 2000


EXHIBIT STANDS – Can we bring our own exhibit stands?
All stands must be hard wall. AFCEA has appointed FilDesign as the official stand builder.  FilDesign will provide exhibitors with competitive rates for turnkey stand package.  Exhibitors may provide their own hard wall stands, if they prefer.


HOTEL RESERVATIONSHow can I make hotel reservations? What are cut-off dates and what are the room rates? 
Please see the Accommodation page for this information.



Registrations are available through the TechNet International website. Attendees are required to provide credit card at time of registration.

All registrants will receive a confirmation notice. Your badge will be available on-site at the AFCEA registration desk located on the 1st floor of the Lisbon Congress Centre. Everyone must wear this badge at all times whist attending the event. Official identification will be requested for badge collection.

Please click here to register to attend the CONFERENCE.


  - BADGES (exhibitors and sponsors) – How can I register our booth personnel? How many badges is our company eligible for and what do they give us access to?
You may register your booth personnel by sending an email to Elodie Mercier, Coordinator for Marketing & Events, AFCEA Europe.  Each exhibiting company will receive:

  • Exhibitor badges
  • Two (2) conference passes
  • Access to lunches, networking reception and coffee breaks
  • Presence on the event website (logo, profile and link to your website)
  • Promotional presence in the conference brochure
  • General cleaning
  • General security services


  - BADGES (visitors) – How can I register as a Visitor?

The access to the exposition is free of charge. A Visitor’s Registration form is available in the Exhibitors manual and on Please return the form to Elodie Mercier.

Conference fees for TechNet International include conference sessions, coffee breaks, lunches and Networking Reception on Wednesday 23 October.

The following is a breakdown of the conference fees for attending:


  AFCEA Member Non-AFCEA Member
Industry Attendee
970 EUR
1115 EUR
Active Military & Government Personnel
300 EUR
345 EUR









           - Welcome Port, 22 October

           - Conference dinner, 22 October

           - Networking reception, 23 October

           - Spouses programme


Tuesday 22 October 2013



  • Welcome Port hosted by the AFCEA Portugal Chapter at the  Lisbon Maritime Museum (complimentary) => SOLD OUT 

Museu de Marinha

Praça do Império

1400-206 Lisbon, Portugal

Tel. +351 210 977 379



Preliminary Schedule:

1600 Shuttle buses begin to make rounds to the Lisbon Maritime Museum (pick up from the Lisbon Congress Center, the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, the Lisbon Marriott Hotel and the Sheraton Lisbon Hotel and Spa)

1630 - 1730 Guided tours of the museum

1730 – Reception to mark the 25th anniversary of the AFCEA Portugal Chapter 

1830 Shuttle bus trips begin to bring guests back to the main conference hotels

(dropping off in a loop to the Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, the Lisbon Marriott Hotel and the Sheraton Lisbon Hotel and Spa)


  • Conference Dinner at Casa do Leão located in the historic St. George Castle of Lisbon => SOLD OUT 

Restaurante Casa do Leão

Castelo de São Jorge

1100-129 Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: +351 218 880 154


This AFCEA conference and networking dinner will be an evening for the senses where you will enjoy local cuisine, entertainment and beautiful views. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase (110 EUR) and can be purchased during the registration process (first-come, first-served).


Saint George's Castle can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Its oldest parts date from the 6th century, when it was fortified by the Romans, Visigoths, and eventually the Moors. It served as a Moorish royal residence until Portugal's first king Afonso Henriques captured it in 1147 with the help of northern European crusaders on their way to the Holy Land. It was then dedicated to St. George, the patron saint of England, commemorating the Anglo-Portuguese pact dating from 1371, and became the royal palace until another one (that was destroyed in the Great Earthquake) was built in today's Comercio Square


Preliminary Schedule:

1930 Shuttle bus pick-ups begin in a loop from the main conference hotels (from Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, The Sheraton and The Marriott)

1950 - 2015 Arrival at the gate of the St. George Castle. Guests can enjoy the views and take in the architecture.

Attention: There is a short walk up hill to the restaurant upon arrival at the castle gates. The pavement is cobblestone and can be uneven at times.

2045 - 2220 – Dinner and entertainment

2230 –  Shuttle buses begin return trip to main conference hotels (to Hotel Vila Galé Ópera, The Sheraton and The Marriott). Pick-up is at the gate of the entry of St. George Castle. 


Wednesday 23 October 2013

Networking Buffet Reception in the Exposition


At the end of the conference program on the first day, the exhibitors and sponsors will have the pleasure to welcome you for a buffet reception in the Exposition Area of the Conference (located in Pavilion 4, Level  1 of the Lisbon Congress Center)



1800 - 1930


Accompanying persons programme

This is a half day Lisbon visit tour, departing from all hotels on Wednesday 23 October at 0900 and returning at 1300.

Price per person is 35.00 EUR.

Registration and payments will be done through the Personalized Booking: click here 


This visit crosses the central Marques de Pombal square and go down by the XVIII century boulevard called Liberdade avenue to the popular Restauradores and Rossio squares; it's the heart of Lisbon since Roman times, and the Pombaline downtown which has been the shopping area for more than 2000 years. The majestic waterfront Comercio square, facing the extraordinary estuary of the river, once the welcome gate to seafarer and caravels. Close by is the nucleus of ancient Lisbon. Visit the oldest quarter, Alfama, with the structure of the medieval city, with labyrinthine narrow streets, steep stairways and alleys, tiny squares.

The tour continues along the riverside by the harbour with sights of one of world's leading cruise destinations. Cross the 25 Abril bridge for a superb panorama.
Returning to Lisbon we cross again the bridge and go to Belem, the most monumental and historical quarter, we pass by Belem palace, official residence of the President of Portugal. Stops at Belem Tower – icon of the Age of Discovery , the Monument to the Discoveries – evoking the maritime expansion. Close by is Jeronimos Monastery, magnificent example of the Manueline style, the most impressive symbol of Portugal's power and wealth during the Age of Discovery - stop to see the church and visit the Coach Museum, housing the best carriages’ collection in the world.


SPONSORSHIPS – What type of sponsorships are available?



Lisbon is the United Kingdom time zone and five hours ahead of US EST.




Event supported by