6th AFCEA Europe Student Conference https://www.afcea.org/europe/images/Studentlogo.jpg   

Event in conjunction with NCI Agency's NATO C4ISR Industry Conference & AFCEA Europe's TechNet International 2014



Monday 24 March 2014

"Future of Information and Communication Technology"

„POLITEHNICA“ University of Bucharest

Splaiul Independetei 313, Bucharest, Romania

Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

LEU Building



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General information

Conference topics

Organizing Committee

Evaluation Committee

Points of contact

Conference venue


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  • AFCEA Europe
  • AFCEA Bucharest chapter
  • „POLITEHNICA“ University of Bucharest, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques


General information


The aim of the conference was the creation of an international forum for students and young scientists to present their scientific achievements with practical use. The conference promoted the activities of the AFCEA Student clubs, student and young scientists who work in the fields of electronics and communications and information systems.

The conference gave a great opportunity for universities and other organizations to promote their best students. The organizers invited civilian and military students and young scientists from Europe to present their work and to award their effort. The papers presented at the conference took part in the competition for the Best Paper.

The official conference language was English.


Conference topics


  • Computer aided design and analysis of electronic circuits
  • Information technology
  • Cyber security
  • Security of Social Media
  • Challenge in Global Education
  • Future of Electronics – EU ECSEL JTI 2020


Organizing Committee  (in alphabetical order)


Col. Liviu COSEREANU – Chapter President, AFCEA Bucharest chapter

Mr. Petr JIRÁSEK – Regional Vice President, AFCEA International

Prof. Paul SVASTA – Head of UPB-CETTI Research Centre, „POLITECHNICA“ University of Bucharest

LtCol. Tiberius TOMOIAGA – Chapter Treasurer, AFCEA Bucharest chapter

MGen. (Ret.) Klaus-Peter TRECHE – General Manager, AFCEA Europe


Evaluation Committee  (in alphabetical order)


Prof. Dorel AIORDACHIOAIE – "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati (RO)

Ms. Ernestina CIANCA – Student Club Faculty Advisor, University of Rome Tor Vergata (IT)

Prof. Aurel GONTEAN – „POLITEHNICA“ University of Timisoara (RO)

LtGen. (Ret) Niculae IRIMIE – Ph.D. Student Advisor, AFCEA Bucharest Chapter (RO)

Assoc. Prof. Col. Vlastimil MALÝ – Vice Dean, Faculty of Military Technology, Defense University (CZ)

Prof. Cristian NEGRESCU Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, „POLITEHNICA“ University of Bucharest (RO)

Prof. Ioan NICOLAESCU – Technical Military Academy (RO)

Prof. Victor PATRICIU– AFCEA Bucharest Chapter (RO)

Prof. Dan PITICA – Dean of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Technical University of Cluj Napoca (RO)

Prof. Dan POPA – Maritime University of Constanta. (RO)

Prof. Alexandru SERBANESCU – AFCEA Bucharest Chapter (RO)

Prof. Paul SVASTA –„POLITECHNICA“ University of Bucharest (RO)


Points of contact


Chairman of Organizational Committee:

Mr. Petr Jirásek, Phone: +420 603 245 240; E-mail: pjirasek@afceachapter.org

Chairman of Evaluation Committee:

LtGen. (Ret) Niculae IRIMIE, E-mail: irimienicolae@gmail.com

Conference Chairman:

Prof. Paul Svasta, Phone: +40 213 169 633; E-mail: paul.svasta@cetti.ro


Conference fee


Type Amount Notes
Standard student fee 120 EUR The fee includes meals, conference materials (ISBN), student social event on 24th March and 1 conference pass to TechNet International Conference & Exhibition with coffee breaks and lunches (25 – 27 March). Must be paid via NATO NCIA website!

Standard student fee with paper

90 EUR
Romanian students with access to TechNet International 90 EUR
Romanian students with no access to TechNet International 100 RON The fee includes meals, conference materials (ISBN) and student social event on 24th March. Must be paid directly to AFCEA Bucharest chapter!








Conference venue


The student conference took place at the “POLITEHNICA“ University of Bucharest, Splaiul Independetei 313, Bucharest, Romania.