AFCEA Small Business Innovation Summit

A unique opportunity to highlight innovative processes, products and solutions.

Small businesses are a gold mine of innovation. Their agility enables them to turn ideas into solutions quickly, change direction at the speed of requirement evolution and tackle unique problems. Join the dialogue that promises to expedite collaboration with large companies and demonstrate small businesses' strength and agility. Be part of solutions that move cutting-edge technologies into the hands of government and industry users faster and more efficiently. Register, sponsor and exhibit today.

Technology Tracks

In addition to networking opportunities, the summit includes keynote addresses, panel discussions and several concurrent breakout sessions focused on technologies and processes that promise to be game changers in the near future. Join the conversations about:

Zero Trust Security: How can organizations use this approach to respond to the latest threat vectors? 
5G Networks: What is the U.S. government’s transformation network strategy?  
Artificial Intelligence: How are the public and private sectors utilizing this fast emerging capability and its applications?
Blockchain Technology: How can organizations create closed, more secure information networks?
Agile Development: How can agencies employ agile processes to improve acquisition processes and deliver cutting-edge technologies to its workforce faster?
The New Space Revolution: How is the government leveraging the commercial space marketplace?


Learn more about AFCEA's vibrant small business community and how you and your company can benefit. 

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