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USINDOPACOM Coalition Interoperability Forum

Co-located with TechNet Indo-Pacific
19 - 21 November 2019
Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, Hawaii


USINDOPACOM is hosting a Coalition Interoperability Forum to strengthen the community of interest including commercial industry, academia, government, and military to discuss major challenges and accelerate efforts to achieve effective and efficient coalition interoperability.

The Forum’s goal is to bring together the US and mission partner stakeholder community to accelerate the rapid acquisition and fielding of coalition interoperability solutions. This is the second forum in a semi-annual series. Although the forum is focused on coalition interoperability, it will help achieve all three lines of effort outlined in the 2018 National Defense Strategy.

This forum is organized in a novel way, featuring information session, decision-making, networking opportunities, and working group level interaction. The plenary information session to improve conference attendee knowledge will be held concurrent with a technical track to enhance community understanding of solutions.


Future conflicts involving the U.S. will not be small, U.S.-led counter-insurgency efforts. Maintaining peace will require regional coalitions of like-minded, capable, and interoperable partners. Efforts to achieve coalition interoperability efficacy have stagnated in the past 14 years. The U.S. needs to energize the community of interest, including commercial industry, academia, government, and military to accelerate these efforts. USINDOPACOM is hosting a coalition interoperability forum (CI Forum) to discuss major challenges impacting coalition interoperability to rapidly field warfighting capabilities.

During the CI Forum, industry/academia/government teams will address a coalition interoperability problem set using an operational vignette and present innovative solutions to a senior review board consisting of USINDOPACOM and mission partner stakeholders. The solutions selected at the CI Forum will be included in rapid acquisition proposals by USINDOPACOM. The problem set for the November 2019 CI Forum is listed below. Additional information about the problem set and the operational vignette is in the Call for Papers. Paper submission closes September 6, 2019.



Federated Coalition Information Sharing Architecture

  • CHALLENGE:  What are some models of federation used in commercial industry, and how can those be applied to ensure secure and interoperable federation between USINDOPACOM and mission partners in the Indo-Pacific, who require dynamic coalitions and who do not have pre-existing agreements?

Secure VDI in the Cloud

  • CHALLENGE:  What commercially available approaches can be leveraged to support this desired information sharing environment? Are these approaches and technologies releasable to mission partners and can they support classified information sharing requirements? Are there commercial multi-cloud approaches that support multiple vendor solutions?

Multinational Cloud Cybersecurity

  • CHALLENGE:  What models, frameworks, standards, policies, governance, and technologies are used by commercial industry to ensure cybersecurity for multinational / multi-tenant clouds?  Security is often a trade-off with cost and accessibility. Are these approaches cost-effective, secure, and flexible enough to meet changing mission needs and priorities?



  • Event:      TechNet Indo-Pacific hosted by AFCEA
  • Date:        November 19 - 21, 2019
  • Location:  Hilton Hawaiian Village, 2005 Kalia Road, Honolulu, HI 96815
  • Phone:      808.949.4321


The USINDOPACOM Mission Partner Environment (MPE) Program is a strategy and roadmap to guide implementation of responsive and sustainable SECRET and below bi-lateral and multi-lateral capabilities at operational and tactical levels to enable exercises and operations with allies and partners.

  • USINDOPACOM must have the ability to establish a mission environment with a set of undetermined partners within the mission response time without compromising data security. This needs to be understood and exercised regularly with various partners to ensure reliability during an actual crisis.
  • USINDOPACOM desires an open and unclassified forum to discuss and share technical solutions for coalition interoperability problems, both technical and doctrinal, that will increase stakeholder awareness of solutions that are mature, able to be fielded quickly, and immediately usable by partners for mission success.
  • USINDOPACOM currently provides proposal advocacy and project oversight to multiple programs that involve government (including national labs and R&D centers), industry, and academia (including university-affiliated research centers) stakeholders, using vehicles for rapid acquisition of mature tech or to perform collaborative R&D.



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Email: info@ciforum.afcea.org

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