Everything Secret, Complete Insecurity?

Are today's policies matching modern cryptography and operational requirements?

For the first time AFCEA Europe organised a one-day event on cryptography, gathering experts from NATO, the EU institutions, national authorities, industry and academia. We discussed the role of cryptography today and how it will change in the future. The event was held in partnership with secunet and Secusmart and in cooperation with leading research and development agencies and industrial technology leaders.
The workshop provided the latest information on challenges and basic developments in the fields of: 
Up-to-date encryption technologies 
Post-quantum encryption
In addition, it allowed for a critical review of existing policies, architectures, procedures and methods in the implementation and employment of encryption tools in the public domain (military, intelligence, law enforcement). The workshop aimed to offer insights and recommendations for procedural and organisational improvements and could assist ongoing activities with regard to the definition of standards for improved transnational interoperability. 
Finally, the workshop touched on a more realistic perception of so-called new disruptive technologies and highlighted necessary changes with regard to policies.
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