Welcome to the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum

Framing the Conversation on Information Confrontation

What is this event?
The power of information is well-recognized. Conventional uses of information in markets and media, as well as in personal and professional communications—to inform, to educate, to influence—are equally well known. Today, though, it seems that information is also being used to a greater extent than ever to manipulate decision making, distort understanding, or exploit emotions.  But this deliberate manipulation or confrontation between perceived truth and reality is not a new phenomenon.  Such “information confrontation” or other actions to create cognitive dissonance have long been used by state- and non-state actors alike to achieve economic, military, and political objectives.  What is new is the ability to target and reach specific audiences with content tailored to maximize its impact.  The pervasive, always-connected nature of information in all areas of public and private life offers unprecedented opportunity to drive the perception of facts and influence actions, for good or malicious intent.

This threat, the malicious use of ‘information confrontation,’ forms the basis of this year’s Classified Cyber Forum.  Increases in the level of such activity, in the number of actors willing and able to use old and new tools and techniques hidden in the sheer volume of information being consumed complicate our ability to detect and recognize—let alone to prevent or counter—such threats. This Forum will focus on how this growing threat affects civil society, economic prosperity, and national security in areas of policy, technology, and operations.

What is unique about this event? 
The answer is in the name – it is a classified event.  As a result, the discussion can go to another, deeper level.

Who is behind the agenda? 
The agenda is being developed by a team of subject matter experts from the AFCEA Intelligence, Cyber, and Homeland Security committees.

Who will speak?
  • Speaker list coming soon!
What topics will be discussed?
  • The Information Confrontation Threat
  • Cognitive Security
  • Civil Society
  • Economic Prosperity
  • National Security

Check out the agenda and plan on joining us at the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum on June 7.