Welcome to the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Cyber Security - Myths, Realities, Risks and Opportunities

What is this event?

This conference, presented at the SECRET level, will move beyond discussion of the broad potential implications of AI/ML for national security and focus instead on what they mean for the cyber community. We will explore the implications for national cybersecurity policy, the changing cyber threat landscape (i.e. strategic actors employing AI/ML for offensive and defensive cyber actions), the likely areas for AI/ML-enabled cybersecurity in the enterprise, and the security and limitations of AI/ML systems themselves.

Who is behind the agenda? 
The agenda is being developed by a team of subject matter experts from the AFCEA Intelligence and Cyber committees.

What topics will be discussed?
  • AI and ML Cybersecurity Challenges
  • How AI/ML can help the Defender in Cyber Security
  • How AI/ML can help the Attacker in Cyber Security
  • Defensive and Offensive Cyber Use of AI/ML
  • Strategic Challenges as AI/ML Grows

Are there continuing education opportunities? 
Yes! Each panel session has been approved for continuing education/certification maintenance for GIAC and/or CertNexus certifications. Refer to the CE flyer for current approvals. Note that AFCEA cannot provide attendance documentation, but attendees may self-certify their attendance with their credentialing organization(s).

Check out the agenda and plan on joining us at the AFCEA Classified Cyber Forum on June 12.