AFCEA Showcase Season 3, Episode 1

Congratulations to our episode winner: BrightApps! 

AFCEA Showcase

Season 3, Episode 1

May 10, 2019

3 p.m.,  TV Worldwide Studio, 4206 Technology Court, Suite F, Chantilly, Virginia


If you've nearly perfected an innovation or business process that would revolutionize technology procurement or you've thought about starting your own business, this is your chance to get advice from experts. Participating in the AFCEA Showcase is a great way to hear from experienced entrepreneurs and other business professionals as well as to gain visibility through the ongoing webcast on TV Worldwide.

AFCEA Showcase is comprised of a series of episodes, each featuring up to five innovative small business members of AFCEA. Each company has five minutes to pitch its ideas. 


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TeamWorx Security empowers organizations by improving workflow management. From analyst to decision maker, operator to mission, we help governments, critical infrastructure providers and enterprises manage the people and processes that are the lifeblood of their organizations. We provide multi-domain situational awareness solutions for data dependent industries, decision makers and cost conscious organizations who wish to improve their bottom line. From our beginning in the cyber and intelligence arena, our technology solutions power organizations in the cyber, intelligence, HealthIT and critical infrastructure industries. Simply put, we help organizations streamline their processes, data, tasks, and projects while reducing the cost of your enterprise. We bridge the gap between decision makers at all levels of the organization today. 

Bright Apps LLC specializes in Quantum Technology Solutions, AI, Blockchain and custom development, end-to-end software solutions. With decades of experience in creating innovative technology. With a group of highly skilled engineers we can work in any discipline you can imagine as well as providing graphic, IT consulting and biz-dev services. Experts in AWS; Azure; Google Cloud Platform; AI, Blockchain and Quantum Entropy Security Solutions.


Founded 2001, IDS International Government Services (IDS) has become an innovator in multidisciplinary solutions, bridging the gaps between operational needs and organizational capabilities. Our team of interagency trainers and field practitioners provide expertise in conflict, politics, cyber, development, counter-narcotics, disaster relief, and social science research, among other areas. IDS developed SMEIR (Social Media Environment and Internet Replication) to address the cyber and social media training needs of Combat Training Center (CTC) operational environments. Today’s virtual training environments are segmented and simplistic, failing to adequately prepare warfighters and cyber operators for the complex challenges they will confront on the cyber battlefield. SMEIR delivers the ability to conduct unrestricted offensive and defensive combat information operations training while replicating realistic internet environments in closed network environments. Content is flexible and customizable, covering everything from social media analysis and engagement, to network mapping.

As a leader in automatic speech recognition, machine translation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, AppTek breaks the barrier between speech and text communication across multiple languages. Our proprietary and patented ASR with deep neural network, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing and understanding is used worldwide by government organizations, media agencies, call centers, leading financial, insurance, e-commerce, news media and entertainment enterprises and countless others who have a need to unlock the value in their audio and video assets. Find out how the power of speech recognition and machine translation can improve your business.



Daniel E. Turissini, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SPYRUS Solutions, Inc.

Dan joined SPYRUS Solutions, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer responsible for the restart and broader adoption of the company’s products and services. A founder of Operational Research Consultants, Inc. in 1991, he led as Chief Executive to become a thought leader in identity verification and trusted authentication. He negotiated its merger with WidePoint where he piloted a seamless transition to a well-funded $120M market cap prior to his 2015 exit.As an independent consultant Dan has provided expert consulting in identity and access control, cryptographic, biometric, and Public Key Infrastructures. Efforts resulted in patents granted in the USA and six other nations. A systems engineering/ integration innovator and leading expert in trusted managed services, he has achieved Trusted Authority certifications for Public and Private enterprises, pivotal in achieving the vision of implementing the next generation of Cyber Security for his clients. Read more


Bryan Ward, Executive Architect, UNISYS

Bryan Ward is a technology leader with 38 years of experience in technology innovation, solutions architecture, and business development. He uses vision, passion and practical experience, to create mission-focused strategies and solutions, that improve mission outcomes, accelerate growth and increase profits.  Currently, Mr. Ward is an Executive Architect for Unisys in the Cloud and Infrastructure Services group.   He is responsible for expanding Unisys’s Cloud and Infrastructure capability portfolio and specializes in Hybrid and multi-cloud Enterprise solutions.  Mr. Ward supports DoD, Intel, and DHS customers, crafting innovative solutions that significantly improves our customer’s mission performance. He is also a member of AFCEA's Technology Committee. Read more.




Glenn Hernandez, CISO, OpEdge Solutions, LLC

Glenn Hernandez is passionate about creating strategic partnerships to revolutionize organizational transformation with resilient technology and meet mission objectives. Hernandez is a senior consultant with OpEdge Solutions. He served more than 26 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and retired in July 2017. From 2013-2017, he was the Coast Guard’s Chief Information Security Officer. Hernandez co-authored the Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategy and led the Coast Guard’s first cyber crisis response based on the National Incident Management System framework. He is also a member of AFCEA's Cyber Committee. Read more...


David Kriegman, CEO, Z2B, LLC

David Kriegman is CEO of Z2B, LLC, a small consulting firm that helps companies achieve their strategic growth goals. He is also the author of the book, “Zero to a Billion: 61 Rules Entrepreneurs Need to Know to Grow a Government Contracting Business.” Prior to opening his own consulting firm, he was Division Sr. VP & General Manager, Strategic Solutions Group, Inc. for Jacobs Technology. Other distinguished accomplishments include President, Command Information, Federal; and COO for SRA International, Inc.