As we anticipate the release of the National Defense Strategy, it is incumbent on each of us to think about, and address, what impact transregional threats will have to our Enterprise over the course of the next several years. We see a future when ISR will continue to be conducted in, from and through all domains, in all phases of operations and in increasingly complex operating environments ranging from permissive to highly-contested. During the symposium, Lt Gen Jamieson and Air Force speakers will introduce The Next Generation ISR Dominance Flight Plan, including various elements that will assure our ability to thrive in and through that future environment. 

The Next Generation ISR Dominance Flight Plan demonstrates how ISR forces will use data as a weapon, traveling across open and integrated systems, which will empower our advanced multi-domain, multi-role assets. Future force development will include modular, networked, and resilient ISR capabilities that will provide decision advantage at a speed and scale faster than our adversaries. To do this we must produce innovative, adaptable, affordable options for our Airmen. These tools must incorporate the newest technologies in machine learning automation, artificial intelligence, and the effective use of big data. Therefore, for Next Generation ISR Dominance to be successful we must partner with Industry. 

The Air Force A2 Industry Symposium will offer such an opportunity for classified TS/SCI presentations and discussions.