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Frequently Asked Questions from April 2019
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Q: What hotels are nearby?

A: The official Forum hotel is the Hilton Hawaiian VillageCLICK HERE to make your hotel reservation at the reduced conference rate.


Q: What is the Dress Code?

A: Crisp Aloha Attire

Women: Either tropical-print clothing or mainland business casual attire.  Specifically, any tasteful dress or dressy two-piece outfit (top and pants, or top and skirt) that incorporates a tropical-print fabric is appropriate.  Sleeveless tops or sleeveless dresses are acceptable.  Dressy sandals are appropriate, but dressy shoes with more coverage (e.g., pumps) are also acceptable.  Stockings are not necessary.  Consider a matching dress jacket or wrap for warmth in air conditioned indoor areas.

Men: Either a muted aloha shirt, slacks and shoes; or mainland business casual attire. Specifically, shirt is tucked in, dress slacks and belt, with close toed shoes. Jacket and tie are not required.


Q: Will you be live-streaming the C.I. Forum proceedings?

A: C.I. Forum sessions will not be streamed.  We are looking into the feasibility of audio recording the proceedings.  If we do so, we will post all recordings that the presenters authorize to be posted.


Q: Could you share any insight into those on your Technical Review Board?

A: The review board is composed of senior military and government personnel from USINDOPACOM and Service Components, as well as Subject Matter Experts from a Federally Funded Research and Development Center.


Q: My paper was selected for an oral presentation to the Senior Technical Review Board.  What does that mean?

A: The presentation is not a general speaking session open to the public; it is, in fact, private.  The review board is composed of senior military and government personnel from USINDOPACOM and Service Components, as well as Subject Matter Experts from a Federally Funded Research and Development Center.  This is your chance to speak directly to senior leaders about how you can help them solve their coalition interoperability issues, as represented in the challenges.


Q:  In reviewing the potential areas of interest in the upcoming forum, can you expand on the limitations of the dialog relative to ITAR controlled technology.  Specifically, my company has products that can support many of the areas of interest; however many are ITAR controlled and thus their use and deployment would be limited to those countries allowed by ITAR to participate.  Would these technologies be of interest or is the forum only interested in commercial offerings that can be deployed to any potential coalition partner?

A:  The intent of the CI forum is to identify commercial / COTS products and standards that could be rapidly acquired for the coalition warfighter. Military and dual-use equipment that is subject to ITAR and EAR will be considered in the solution space to the extent that it meets the intent of the forum.


Q: In the submission there is an opportunity to attach a “paper”. Is this intended to be the final paper/presentation that would be presented at the conference, or is this in reference to the summary/abstract of the final paper?

A: The paper is intended to be an abstract of the solution you would like to present for evaluation at the CI Forum in HI.  All papers will be evaluated and 6 solutions will be down-selected for oral presentation to the full Review Board. There is no limit to the length of the paper.


Q: For the call for papers/abstracts aligned to the 3 problem sets. Are you looking for presentations that are more thought leadership – traditional conference-type presentations – or more specifically detailing products/solutions?

A: We are looking for solutions


Q: Is there a limit to the number of CFP challenge areas an individual/organization can submit an abstract for?

A: There is no limit to the number of responses you can submit.


Q: How long will each session be?

A: Each paper that is selected will be given about an hour to present to a Review Board in a private session held during the Forum


Q: Is there a corresponding exhibition portion of the Forum?

A: A CI Forum tabletop exhibit pavilion has been added to TechNet Indo-Pacific for companies and organizations specifically interested in showcasing their solutions and networking with 200-300 CI Forum attendees, in addition to the 2,000+ TechNet attendees. Tabletop space is very limited. Please submit CI Forum exhibit tabletop application to request a tabletop. You may view the exhibit hall floorplan here (note CI Forum Pavilion at bottom right).


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