Learning from Jack Voltaic 2.0: Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection and Incident Response Nation-Wide

The Symposium has been rescheduled for February 6, 2019.

A Review and Dialog About the Findings, Lessons Learned, and Potential Federal, State, and Local Implications

That vital systems and processes sustaining critical urban infrastructures in the US are at great risk of repeated cyber attacks is undeniable. There is little debate that national level cyber security strategies must make this risk a top priority. Fortunately, innovative work is already underway and instructive findings are available for review and decision-making.

The City of Houston, in cooperation with the Army Cyber Institute, Circadence, and AECOM, recently executed Jack Voltaic 2.0, a rigorous exercise to assess the city’s ability to support military force deployments, prepare for an impending hurricane, and confront a cyber attack from a hostile nation state. 

This half day Symposium begins with a networking breakfast and proceeds into keynote and panel sessions, question and discussion periods, and networking opportunities.  Invited presenters include Congressional and Agency principals, State and military experts, and both public and private exercise participants.  Discussions will both inform attendees and help set objectives for upcoming iterations of Jack Voltaic, industry requirements, supporting seminars, and major AFCEA events.