Virtual Agenda

NOTE: All of the sessions will be streamed live online on the dates/times below. Registration entitles attendees to participate in any or all of the available sessions. The links to join the broadcasts will be sent to attendees the day before the symposium start date.

Tuesday June 15, 2021

1000-1130 CTO Session: Current State of Service Technologies

John Dvorak, Moderator (BIO)
Farhan Khan, USA (BIO)
Winston Beauchamp, USAF (BIO)
Jane Rathbun, USN (BIO)
Steve Wallace, DISA (BIO)


1200-1300 Industry Session: Exploring Emerging Technologies

Dr. Bill Halal, Moderator (BIO)
Dr. Peter Fonash, Option3Ventures (BIO)


1330-1500 Exploring Digital Transformation/Digital Engineering

Dr. Al Mink, Moderator (BIO)
Tom Fischer, AFMC (BIO)
Jaime Guerrero, USN (BIO)
COL Garry Haase, AFRL (BIO)
Chris Sharbaugh, Sabel Systems (BIO)

Wednesday June 16, 2021

1000-1130 CDO Session:  The Information Advantage - Data is EVERYTHING

Carey Bandler, Moderator (BIO)
Melvin Greer, Intel (BIO)
Thomas Kenny, SOCOM (BIO)
Howard Levenson, Databricks (BIO)


1200-1300 Keynote: Understanding Information Warfare

Rand Waltzman, Rand Corp (BIO)


1330-1500 GMU C4I and Cyber Center Initiatives

Part I: Cybersecurity in Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains (CyManII)
Dr. Howard Grimes, UTSA, CyManII CEO (BIO)
Part II: Automated composition of Kill-Chains (DARPA ACK)
Col Dan "Animal" Javorsek (USAF), Ph.D, DARPA ACK Program Manager (BIO)
Part III: NATO Federated MIssion Networking (FMN)
Colonel Cécile Marly, French forces, on assignment to NATO ACT (BIO)


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