July 11, 2018

Innovation Shark Tank # 3

3 p.m.,  TV Worldwide Studio, 4206 Technology Court, Suite F, Chantilly, Virginia

If you've nearly perfected an innovation or business process that would revolutionize technology procurement or you've thought about starting your own business, this is your chance to get advice from experts. Participating in the Innovation Shark Tank is a great way to hear from experienced entreprenueurs and other business professionals as well as to gain visibility through the ongoing webcast on TV Worldwide.

This is the third of three Innovation Shark Tanks that AFCEA International is sponsoring. At Innovation Shark Tank, companies can pitch their capabilities to a panel of government and nongovernment technology experts. Topics can range from artificial intelligence to digital transformation to cybersecurity to any great idea.

Each AFCEA International event features up to five companies that each has five minutes to pitch their ideas. One winner from each event will compete at the AFCEA Small Business Innovation Summit on July 26, 2018.     


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Rules of Engagement for Innovation Shark Tank

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Public, private and hybrid cloud application security, compliance company, delivers a distributed & deterministic layer-7 application security platform with integrated security. Compliance services including continuous application discovery, pico-segmentation, threat detection at the lowest possible attack surface, SIEM & ITSM integrations. Avocado Security Platform helps organizations of all sizes protect datacenter & cloud workloads from threats traversing in east-west directions. Based in downtown San Jose, Avocado was founded in 2015, partnering with MongoDB, Docker, Splunk & ServiceNow.




C7 are cloud specialists that execute your cloud vision flawlessly. The company specializes in cloud solutions, application modernization, data analytics, emerging technology services, enterprise architecture and disaster recovery.




At NNData, it’s all about the DATA! We built NNCompass, a machine learning tool suite for data integration and data management. NNCompass automates data ingestion, cleansing, and normalization without having to code. That’s right, you don’t have to be an engineer or coder to unlock piles of data from any source and in any format. If you know your data and want to gain immediate insights then use NNCompass to transform your raw data into “smart data”.  



We work at the heart of the internet infrastructure, running a world class registry, deploying sophisticated analytics to tackle cyber threats and finding new ways to connect people and devices. We invest our profits in ideas and projects that help build a vibrant digital future.



At Modus Operandi our passion is harnessing data to empower smarter decisions. We deliver technology that helps organizations discover the hidden patterns of potential threats and opportunities—the genius—locked in their data. Our approach combines our advanced solutions that leverage next generation semantic technologies, with our team’s rare engineering and scientific expertise, and our rigorous implementation methodology.





Protect your keys to the kingdom with the most effective, affordable, and widely adopted privileged access management security solution for the enterprise.






Eagle Eye Labs presents the Next Generation Body Cameras. Police/public safety and military versions with life-saving features: 360 degree hemisphere of situational awareness, alerts wearer of approaching vehicles, persons & threatening gestures, facial recognition & identification, automatic license plate recognition, hands-free communication, hidden weapon detection and more.












Cmdr. Maria C. Horton, USN (Ret.), CISSP-ISSMP, Cloud Essentials, IAM Chief Executive Officer at EmeSec

Cmdr. Maria C. Horton, USN (Ret.), is a recognized cybersecurity and compliance expert with hands on experience. She has presented information at conferences about cloud, FedRAMP, CUI, IoT and cybersecurity. She serves as a mentor to other small business start-ups providing real world feedback, encouragement and industry advice. Horton has published articles with Bloomberg NewsSC magazine and the Huffington Post. In 2017, she joined Government Matters TV as a regular guest commentator addressing cyber, CUI and the due diligence implications for SMBs. Her company is one of 43 FedRAMP Third Party Assessment Organizations and holds four ISO certifications. EmeSec was awarded a Silver Stevie Award and a Gold Golden Bridge award for its #SimplifyCUIservices capability in 2017. While serving in the U.S. Navy, Horton was the CIO of the National Naval Medical Center, now known as the Walter Reed Military Complex. Read more...

Dan Wooley, Founder and Managing Partner, Ponderosa Management Group

Dan Wooley is the founder and managing partner of the Ponderosa Management Group and former general partner and co-founder of MACH37, one of the nation’s leading cybersecurity accelerators. During the four years Wooley and his partners Rick Gordon and Bob Stratton led MACH37, they successfully identified and funded more than 40 next-generation cybersecurity companies. MACH37 generated more than $19 million in follow-on investment for early-stage companies that resulted in several “A rounds” and successful exits. Read more...

Christina Monaco, Chief Ventures Officer, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Ms. Christina Monaco joined the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) in April 2013 and since October of 2017 has served as NGA's Chief Venture Officer and the Director of the Office of Ventures and Innovations. In this role, she coordinates NGAs innovation initiatives with agency stakeholders, government partners, industry and academia, focusing on innovation and the incubation and adoption of new ventures that create unique combinations of people, process and technology to sustain NGA competitive advantage. Read more...

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