The 2nd iteration of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)-AFCEA Foreign Naval and Maritime Threat Symposium takes place on March 1, 2018.  The enduring appeal of this annual event derives from its focus and leadership engagement in a classified forum where ONI Intelligence Analysts engage with industry about Scientific and Technical Threat Analysis goals, initiatives, challenges and business opportunities.  
ONI’s Farragut Technical Analysis Center leadership will facilitate the day’s conversation with a focus on threat maritime C4ISR challenges to include deep dives on the most capable foreign systems that threaten or may threaten US and allied maritime assets.  One of ONI’s senior intelligence analysts will begin the day with a scene setter intelligence threat assessment.  ONI/Farragut senior intelligence analysts will link this overall assessment to system specific analysis. These detailed briefings will present a deep dive analysis of the system’s technical capabilities and will highlight analytic gaps that span innovative technical system analytics, physics studies, and high fidelity modeling and simulation.   Deep dives from the following categories of threat systems are scheduled to be presented:
Maritime C4 and Network Systems
Maritime Electric Warfare Systems
Threat Maritime RADAR Systems
Threat Integrated C4ISR System of Systems
Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT)
Completing the day will be a Cyber Threat Assessment presentation. As ONI/Farragut work to determine the capabilities of threats to US Maritime Superiority today, they also support efforts to protect the development of US Maritime Systems of tomorrow.  ONI/Farragut’s Naval Cyber Division will share ideas and examples of threat cyber efforts.