Please read before purchasing

- Please select meal option when purchasing your ticket.
- If you have a spouse or guest, you must register them as well (in a separate transaction). Spouses/Guests qualify for registration at the same rate as the primary attendee.
- Please enter seating requests in Special Arrangements section.  (e.g.: Please note if you would like to sit with a spouse/guest or with another attendee)

Ticket Prices

Active Military/Government
Grade: E1-E6/GS3-GS11/O1-O3/CW1-CW2

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Active Military/Government
Grade: E7-E9/GS12-GS14/O4-O5/CW3-CW4

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Active Military/Government
Grade: GS15-SES/O6-O10/CW5

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Industry AFCEA Member/Government Contractor/Retirees

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Industry Non-AFCEA Member

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Night of the Event:
- Drinks will be served at cash bars before dinner.
- There will be a bar in the Ball Room for drinks during dinner.
- Meal options are the following:
      - Beef
      - Chicken
      - Fish
      - Vegetarian
- Please select your choice of meal on the registration page.