Current Status for Al Mink - Target: $500

$0 $500Goal Reached!

"I personally feel this cause is important ? for our young generation and for our nation. Because of that, I?ve committed time planning with AFCEA, a week?s vacation time for the ride, the challenge/joy of cycling 300 miles, and about $1K to pay for expenses of the ride itself.

Sure, I enjoy cycling?I?m on the Air Force Cycling Team. And the Pittsburgh start has special meaning for me as I met my wife there. We?re also staying overnight at my home ? Leesburg ? which is a nice touch.

But what really motivates me is what you contribute that goes directly to the STEM cause. I hope you?ll support me and thank you ? in advance ? for your consideration. Together, we really can make a difference."
- Al

Currently Supporting Al: Kevin F., Fred R., George S., Steve K., Andrew S., Matthew S., Philip R., Paul S., Kent S., Bruce B., Paul R., A. H. R., SRA International .

AFCEA Cycle for STEM

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