Current Status for Terry Rogers - Target: $1,500

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"I am looking forward to again participating in Cycle For STEM and building on the success of the 2013 ride and furthering AFCEA's support for STEM initiatives.

The AFCEA Educational Foundation, for which Cycle For STEM is the signature fundraising event, awards over two million dollars a year in scholarships and grants to help students and teachers in our nation, and those of our coalition partners, in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. We are experiencing a serious deficiency in these subjects versus many other countries and organizations such as AFCEA are essential in helping to rectify that deficit. We need your support to help our efforts!

As far as the event itself, Cycle For STEM 2013 was absolutely incredible. The ride itself is amazing ? the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath are 335 miles of continuous cycling trail that crosses some of the most amazing country you will ever see. But even more amazing was the feeling of camaraderie experienced during the week. A couple of dozen people (riders and volunteers), many meeting for the first time when we got on the bus to Pittsburgh, got together to support this great cause and truly became a team. I learned a lot about myself, gained a new appreciation and respect for some of my co-workers, met some amazing people, and made some new friends.

The challenges we faced in 2013 were numerous ? we had only 3 months from inception to execution to pull the event together, the National Government shut down during the week we were on the trails leading to less than ideal facilities, and we rode through two days of record setting rainfall. All of that only made it even sweeter when the entire team arrived at the finish line in Georgetown with all riders covering every single mile and with the Cycle For STEM effort shattering our 2013 fundraising goal!

I can?t wait to do it again in July ? to experience that same feeling of accomplishment and to again make a difference in expanding AFCEA's STEM outreach. Thank you for your support!"
- Terry

Currently Supporting Terry: Doreen J., Julie L., John D., Terence R., Cory L., Robert S., Dabney L., Marjory D., Helen H., Rita S., Dominick T., Denise S., Andy M., Dena F., Cynthia P., Richard R., Richard and Regina R., Roberta S., Ann P., Fred R., Aregu E., Michael W., Rita M F.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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