Current Status for Ben Smith - Target: $1,000

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"I?m participating in Cycle for STEM to help the AFCEA Educational Foundation advance and expand its outreach to students and teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I did the full ride last year and am excited to continue to be a part of this initiative to raise money and awareness for AFCEA?s program to narrow the skills gap we currently face in STEM subjects. Last year, we raised over $25,000, and we're hoping to triple that to $75,000 in 2014.

Having had the opportunity to meet with some of our scholarship winners and participate in the presentation of funds we raised last year, has further confirmed for me the need to support those who will be leading the way in STEM programs in America.

Thank you for your support!"
- Ben

Currently Supporting Ben: Julie L., Vincent P., Katherine S., Susan C., Cory L., William S., Steven C., Andy M., Maudie M., Cynthia P., Ann P., Chris S., Margaret M., Fred R., Aregu E., Michael W.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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