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Welcome to Cycle for STEM 2.0!
My name is Matt Kitchin, and I'm an Australian Army Officer posted to the United States for three years. I was lucky enough to take part in the inaugural Cycle for STEM in 2013 - aka the 'beta test'. Last years event was a blast - a great group of people, tight knit and dedicated to the cause. It was also an experience, learning how to run an event like this one.
I'm really looking forward to another trip down the GAP and C&O Canal in 2014. This years trip is better balanced, with days planned to make sure we have the opportunity to stop and smell the roses - and there's a lot to see all along the ride.
I've been riding most of my life, but started cross country mountain bike racing racing in 2012. I am a member of a local racing team in Harford County, and also a member of the Chesapeake Spoke cycling club. Both give me great opportunity to enjoy cycling locally. As a Signal officer I am we'll aware of the importance of STEM education. I hope that when I return to Australia after this posting, I can work with AFCEA to raise the profile of STEM education and possibly even run our own C4STEM event.

Happy riding, stay safe and I'll see you on the trails."
- Matt

Currently Supporting Matt: Missie W.

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