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"As a member of the AFCEA International staff I was privileged to support the Cycle for STEM team of AFCEA in 2013, and look forward to applying all the lessons learned last year both on the trail (no such thing as too much celery) and off the trail (can?t have too much beer on hand). As ?elected? Sheriff of the ride I?ll be back with several off-the-wall fines for bad (and good) behavior, ill-thought out clothing combinations, and lack of respect for the Sheriff such as hiding the badge. And as last year, I?m sure with the other support team members I?ll be driving crazily from rest stop to lunch stop to rest stop to grocery store to hotel to ? you get the idea.

In my other life apart from AFCEA International I?m the mother of two elementary school-aged girls and a strong supporter of STEM education. While they?re currently focused on Barbie dolls and Harry Potter I?m hoping to make it easier for them and their generation to move into rather more scientific fields as they get older.

Come and join us from Pittsburgh to Georgetown! If you can?t ride then you can sponsor or donate to an individual rider. Every dollar counts!"
- Susan

Currently Supporting Susan: Cory L., Cynthia P., Fred R.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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