Current Status for Ludmilla Parnell - Target: $1,000

$0 $1,000Goal Reached!

"There is a need to support STEM education, especially for those who cannot afford the tuition. I'm hoping this will provide a little toward that. Plus I love cycling and look forward to a fantastic 6 day ride with others participating in this. I also want to dedicate this ride to my dear mother, Patricia Marie Mogford-Parnell, who passed away recently. My mom was a dedicated and loved math, science and physics high school teacher, who gave me a love for science and encouraged me in that direction as well." - Ludmilla

Currently Supporting Ludmilla: David B., Rebecca A., Ludmilla P., Norma T., Julie L., Jan G., Brody B., Lynn S., Marek P., Shelley B., David P., Linda M., Andrew B., Jeanne S., Raymond C., Susan L., Nancy P., Domenyck S., Terry L., Sandra P.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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