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"I had the terrific luck to have been on the support team for last year's Cycle for STEM, the very first time I had ever done anything like this. The best thing about it for me was the chance to become connected to the many people involved with Cycle for STEM: the riders, who get to explore the countryside and test their limits in support of a meaningful cause; the donors, who can be sure their contributions are making an essential and permanent difference; the STEM teachers and students, who will share their journey toward achieving their potential, and will use their knowledge in essential and positive ways; the support crew, who get to collaborate on making plans and then help to make those plans become reality; the communities through which the ride passes, as they learn more about STEM education and the opportunities it brings; and the nation at large, knowing that its people will grow and learn and discover and live in a safer, more connected world. I'm looking forward enormously to this year's ride. You just never know what's around the next bend in the path!" - Laurie

Currently Supporting Laurie: Kathryn V., Laurie S., Fred R.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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