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"> I'm involved in Cycle for STEM because I agreed to go to one meeting one time as a favor and listen in, then ended up opening my mouth to volunteer. That's tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, I don't see how anyone could do otherwise, when they experience the passion and grassroots dedication involved in this effort to improve education.

Education, coupled with the ability to reason and imagine, make a difference between a society that prospers in peace and a society with an oppressed populace. And STEM education in particular helps ensure advancements that make life longer, safer, more convenient, more interesting and sometimes downright enchanting. Transportation, communication, medicine, battlefield superiority?all these fields depend on curious minds pursuing them to find new solutions. Through Cycle for STEM, the future of innovation receives support monetarily and renewed emphasis on its importance. And if you're going to work hard to make a difference, you might as well do it with people as much fun as the Cycle for STEM team. We're looking to have the best time possible every step of the way.

- Rita

Currently Supporting Rita: Christine S., Anne and Mike B., John S., Carol D., Catherine L., Elizabeth A., Kathleen and Gregg J., Laura P., Fred R.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM 2014

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