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"Cycle for STEM is a great new AFCEA initiative to raise funds for a cause that can make an amazing difference in the life of our students and teachers who are committed to STEM education yet lack the resources to pursue their goals. As a past President of the AFCEA DC Chapter, I have witnessed first-hand what your STEM contributions can do for these dedicated teachers trying to equip their classrooms with basic technology or for inner city students who can earn a STEM scholarship that makes it financially possible for them to pursue their educational dreams.

I am proud to join our AFCEA banner riders and help launch the inaugural ?Cycling for STEM? event. As a cyclist, I know the thrill of getting on a bicycle and going the distance, whether it is 350 miles from Pittsburgh to Wash DC or cycling Coast-to-Coast across America. This is the same thrill that our kids get when they are selected for that STEM scholarship or when a STEM teacher receives a check to help equip the science or the math lab. This is about giving joy and dreams coming true.

So I hope you will join me in making this a great new fund raising event for AFCEA. Think about making a pledge for STEM (any amount will do). Know that you are helping a worthy cause and will make someone very happy. Next year, plan to pedal with us as we do the 2014 ride and help this event grow into nationwide campaign for STEM.

Thank you for all of your great support!"
- Mike

Currently Supporting Mike: Michele D., Fred R., Barbara Ellen B., Sue H., Judith E., Scott B., AFCEA DC ., Lisa N., Tina J., Jeffery F., Karen V., Kent S., Doug & Sue M., Larry A., Tony F., MIke E., A. H. R.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM

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