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"G'day, I am currently serving as the Australian Army Liaison Officer to US Army CERDEC at Aberdeen Proving Ground. I joined the Aberdeen Chapter of AFCEA shortly after arriving here in January 2013, and have been impressed with how much the leadership and members of that Chapter do to support their community. The focus on preparing the next generation of individuals who will work for the improvement of our countries, whether in uniform, government service, industry or in education will continue to pay dividends.

I hope that my participation the inaugural ride will continue to raise awareness of AFCEAs efforts both globally and locally; I hope that you will help AFCEA by donating to the Education Fund to support students and teachers in the field of science, technology , engineering and math (although being Australian, I shall call it ?maths?!)

Thanks for your support."
- Matt

Currently Supporting Matt: Kristin H., Matt K., Fred R., Sean M., Lexley B., Ruggles Aberdeen F., Patricia H., Robert C., Mike B., Doreen J., Quentin S., Susan E., Cynthia P., Kent S., Paul S., A. H. R.

AFCEA Cycle for STEM

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