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The chapter has partnered with AFCEA International for another continuing educational program with the American Public University System to provide our members with a 60-minute webinar titled Evaluating COVID-19 Models using Intelligence Analytic Methods. During this COVID-19 crisis, leaders from the president to local school boards have had to make some very tough decisions based on available information and analysis, including a variety of models used to track and predict the severity of the outbreak. Unfortunately, many of these models have proved to be inaccurate and misleading. In this webinar, Erik Kleinsmith, associate vice president for strategic relations in Intelligence, National, Homeland and Cyber Security at American Military University, and the author of the recent book, Intelligence Operations: Understanding Data, Tools, People, and Processes, will discuss and present methods for adapting intelligence methods to more effectively evaluate these models.
No formal ... READ MORE

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 05/16/2020

In May, video conference participants engage in discussion about secure software development. In May, up-to-date issues about secure software development were explained to video conference participants by Ali Isikli, a senior leader engineer of our corporate member ASELSAN AS.


The chapter issued this press release to participate in our Wright Information Technology Summit (WITS) to be held October 6-7, 2020, at the Holiday Inn in Fairborn, Ohio. The Summit theme is 'Technology at the Edge.' This thought-provoking summit will provide participants with two full days of expert panelists and esteemed keynote speakers addressing technology, experiences and future trends. The two-day agenda conveys how the Air Force and industry are applying Industry 4.0 in: cybersecurity, big data, Industrial Internet of Things, cloud computing, edge computing, Generation Next Solutions, business/defense impacts, and business/defense realization. Sponsorships and registration information can be found at:


The chapter is accepting 2020 Scholarship applications. The Education Committee announces the opportunity is open to any Wright-Patterson area high school seniors and undergraduate college students interested in STEM fields. The chapter is accepting applications through June 1, 2020. See the chapter scholarship page at: Education is an AFCEA core value. The chapter, in partnership with the AFCEA Educational Foundation, presents an average of $35,000 annually in scholarships, grants and awards to students and teachers in K-12 STEM- and cyber-related programs, ROTC programs, traditional university degree programs, professional development and other educational areas.

BAY CHAPTER - 05/08/2020

The chapter's Young AFCEANs bring Chick Fil-A to isolated dorm residents of Tyndall Air Force Base in May. The chapter's Young AFCEANs team together to provide meals to recently graduated airmen on Tyndall Air Force Base. The airmen are under restrictions due to the efforts to prevent the spread or exposure to COVID-19.


The chapter has moved the date for its annual scholarship fundraiser, Dayton-Wright AFCEA Casino Night 2020, due to the current conditions. The chapter's largest fundraiser morphed into the Casino Night from twenty years of Valentine's Ball, silent auctions and casino nights. This year's cocktail party Las Vegas event will be Dayton-Wright AFCEA Casino Night 2020 and will be held August 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Top of the Market in the Webster Station complex, Dayton, Ohio. Guests will be treated to a champagne toast during a break in games and a late night food buffet will be provided. Gift baskets raffles will also be available for purchase. Baskets include fun items from the local area or tickets to events around the region. Come visit Lady Luck as the chapter brings the City of Lights to the Gem City! The chapter's Spring Casino Night is the premier networking event in the Dayton Region to bring together military, government, industry and academia for a fun-filled night of ... READ MORE

CZECH CHAPTER - 05/01/2020

In the last six weeks, the chapter has organized more than 20 webinars to address information and communication technology during the COVID-19 crisis. Recently, the traditional world has changed dramatically and very quickly. The conditions for the activities of the association have also changed. Emergencies, quarantines and other measures do not allow for the organization of traditional events. Governments and entire societies are justifiably focused on saving lives and supporting people on the front line. We also must adapt to survive and offer members and partners with services that match tradition, knowledge and capabilities. Modern companies are already dependent on information and communications technology (ICT), and now are even more reliant (working from home, video conferencing, reliance on advanced technologies, technologies in the healthcare sector, etc.). Unfortunately, this dependence carries a number of risks. We must be more cautious, knowledgeable and prepared. We need to work together and help people and institutions for whom ICT is needed, but not as a core business. Examples of best practices include chapter ac ... READ MORE


In April, the chapter hosts the Spirit Parade at the Radcliff Veterans Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky. In April, the chapter hosted a Veterans Appreciation Parade at the Radcliff Veterans Center in Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine to bring some cheer to the veterans and to let them know they were not alone. Thank you to everyone who joined in to support the parade! The turn-out was great, and there were lots of donations for the veterans to enjoy.

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 04/19/2020

The chapter wins the April membership incentive challenge by being the first to return the correct word search. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is looking for a little relief and even a bit of fun. In April, chapters were challenged with an AFCEA word search. The first chapter to scan and email a correctly completed sheet back to Sean McGowan, director of member and chapter Services, would receive five free individual memberships to give away to junior enlisted military or Young AFCEANs. The winner of the incentive-based challenge was Turkiye! "I am so happy to hear that [we won]," said Murat Dogen, chapter representative for the Young AFCEANs. "This really made my day. Although it is not for my benefit, it was very fun to solve the puzzle and feel like I was in a race against time. The board members of the Turkiye Chapter will take the necessary action to add five more members into the AFCEA community. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity."

ALAMO CHAPTER - 04/17/2020

In April, a volunteer for Soldier's Angels in San Antonio helps fill food bags that will go to the growing number of low-income veterans undertaking safe distancing and Despite social distancing restrictions and the devastation brought on by COVID-19, the chapter was still able to bring a bit of light and love to a few local San Antonio nonprofit organizations. The chapter's Wounded Warrior and Military Families (W2MF) Endowment Fund was established to provide financial assistance for wounded warriors, veterans and military families through community-based programs and outreach assistance and is the only one of its kind in the world. "The emerging changes happening right now has really put a stress on many people and organizations," explained Brig. Gen. Jeff Kendall , USAF (Ret.), chapter vice president of veteran support and military family outreach. The W2MF committee was able to successfully pivot to meet the growing needs of the community due to the spread of the coronavirus. Three organizations were recently granted $10,000 each to support their programs. The Warriors Heart Sober Living Program is a post-rehabilitation program that provides an ... READ MORE


The chapter sent out thanks to its chapter annual sponsors amid the pandemic shutdown. Since the shutdown forced the cancellation of the monthly April Luncheon, that did not stop the chapter from thanking its annual sponsors. The chapter's Diamond sponsors are Segue Technologies and The MITRE Corporation. The Ruby sponsors are FTI and Cloud Lake Technologies. Sapphire sponsors are DDC IT Services and Macalogic. The luncheon sponsors are Gartner, Credence Management, Cloud Lake, Macalogic, DDC, Segue, FTI and The MITRE Corporation. The annual sponsor program helps provides support at the monthly luncheons, annual memorial golf tournament, the Wright IT and the largest annual black tie scholarship fundraiser. All events support STEM in the surrounding local Wright-Patterson Air Force Base community through the college level with scholarships and grants. The chapter hopes to resume its luncheons in the summer.

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