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Riders and support staff prepare for the Cycling for STEM 32-mile ride in July. The chapter held their Second Annual Cycling for STEM Education event in July. The 32-mile ride to benefit AFCEA's STEM education program was made possible by over 50 cyclists and support staff and sponsors from the Aerospace community. The route was along the beach in Los Angeles before turning inland.


Sunny Fort Lauderdale in South Florida is the site of many past conferences and events. The chapter's Steering Committee is comprised of exceptional leaders from across industry, academia and government who are familiar with Defense Department business practices, the AFCEA brand and the South Florida community. The chapter extends a warm welcome to the following outstanding volunteers who will ensure the chapter's success:

- John Pugliese, Deep Water Point and TELESME and former U.S. Southern Command chief information officer/J-6
- David Durham, Lennar and University of Miami and former U.S. Southern Command information technology program manager
- Ramon Vega, military liaison to U.S. Southern Command
-Stephen Mills, Royal Caribbean Group and former U.S. Southern Command deputy chief information officer/J-6

The chapter thanks everyone for joining the team!

ALAMO CHAPTER - 07/12/2021

In July, Jeff Kendall, chapter vice president, Veteran Support and Military Family Outreach, presents a $6,500 check to Kink and Marcie Friedman of Echo Hill Ranch during their Gold Star Kids Camp. The camp focuses on The chapter's Wounded Warrior and Military Families Endowment Fund Committee had the honor of attending the last day of Echo Hill Ranch Gold Star Kids Camp Session II. Echo Hill Ranch's mission is to provide a safe, fun, relaxing and empowering professional summer camp experience for the children of Gold Star families, immediate family members of a fallen service member who died while serving in a time of conflict or those of first responders. Marcie Friedman, the daughter of Echo Hill Ranch founders Thomas and Minnie Samet Friedman, now runs the camp with her brother, Kinky Friedman. The camp seeks to foster a community and a connection among children and families who have had similar life experiences and are taking similar life journeys, Marcie explains.

Jeff Kendall, chapter vice president, Veteran Support and Military Family Outreach, presented a $6,500 check to support their efforts. "This camp enables children from all over the nation to bond with one another despite t ... READ MORE


Each year, the chapter provides scholarships for high school seniors and college students. The chapter has made recent changes to its $1,000 merit-based scholarships for high school seniors and college students who either have been accepted or are currently enrolled into an accredited degree program majoring in a STEM degree program. The board of directors recently modified the eligibility rules and application process based on lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes include expanded eligibility for currently enrolled students and lifelong learners, blended and online programs; and eliminating the need for in-person contact through 100 percent online submissions and virtual meetings.

The application period is January 1 to April 15, each year. Scholarship awardees will be announced by the April 30. An annual awards banquet will be held in May to honor our awardees, present their scholarships and recognize the chapter's corporate and individual sponsors who contributed to STEM fundraisers throughout the year.

For questions, please contact t ... READ MORE


Every year, the chapter opens its merit-based scholarship to students pursuing STEM-related degrees. The chapter provides $1000 merit-based scholarships for high school seniors and college students who either have been accepted or are currently enrolled in an accredited degree program majoring in a STEM discipline, such as aerospace, chemical, computer, electrical, mechanical or systems engineering; chemistry, physics, science or mathematics; computer science, telecommunications, information systems or cyber and information security.

The chapter incorporated lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic impacts on last year's scholarship season. The board of directors voted to expand eligibility to current students, adult and lifelong learners and online programs. Previous requirements involving physical presence or contact can now be done entirely online.

The new scholarship requirements are the following:

Students will email their contact information to with the following attachments in .pdf format, as applicable:

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 06/26/2021

In June, the chapter hosted the webinar, "Can We See the Mathematics Behind Aircraft Design?" This was the second webinar of the month presented by Maj. Musa Yildirim (Ret.). The webinar was user friendly and not bogged down in concepts and technical terms. Attendees learned the mathematics behind aircraft design and discovered that many people don't realize that mathematics is everywhere in everyone's life. This gave members the opportunity to change analytical perspectives toward life by getting rid of memorization.


In May, the chapter holds their Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for its Education Foundation. The chapter flawlessly executed a virtual IT Summit featuring over 20 speakers and raising over $130,000 for the River Region Community. This year's theme "Like OODA, Cycle Time is Our Transformational Imperative" brought together senior leaders ranging from Lauren Knausenberger, chief information officer, U.S. Air Force, to Maj. Gen. Michael Schmidt, USAF, program executive officer for Command, Control, Communication, Intelligence and Networks, Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts. Over 500 registrants had the opportunity to watch keynote addresses and panels that will shape the future digital operations of the U.S. Air Force. These speakers and panelists touched on agile methodologies, digital transformation and the user experience to name a few. Held in conjunction with the IT Summit was the annual golf tournament, raising funds for the Montgomery AFCEA Chapter Education Foundation. This event hosted over 100 golfers and brought in $130,000 through corporate sponsorships, funds ... READ MORE

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 06/12/2021

In June, participants enjoyed the talk on "War Strategies in Residential Areas" presented by Suat Begec, associate professor, University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. In the webinar, specific characteristics of the "Residential Area Operation Environment" were explained. This operation has gained importance where future wars could take place and also addresses various military needs and strategies.

The presenter, who was a commanding officer in the past, shared his experiences gained from peacekeeping missions abroad and made statements about the needs of the soldiers who will serve in the future wars.


The chapter has been recognized by AFCEA International as a 2021 Model Chapter, an award that recognizes chapters for their overall structure, program of activities and support to the association.

Chapters of AFCEA International are eligible for the award as goals are met from the previous calendar year, such as increasing membership, raising more than $100,000 in scholarships and expanding STEM opportunities to students in the area.

"We are so grateful to AFCEA International for recognizing the outstanding work and commitment of our members that led to the chapter's success in programming and philanthropy," said Jo Decker, chapter president.

Despite a year in which all events were virtual, the chapter still accomplished educational and engaging events within the community and donated $100,000 in STEM scholarships in 2020. The chapter plans to donate $236,000 this year thanks to efforts from the board.

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