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ROME CHAPTER - 05/14/2024

Mariella Battagliere, ASI, discusses small satellites and applications during the May conference. In May, at the headquarters of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the chapter organized the conference "Constellations of Small Satellites and Its Applications" with the aim of providing an overview of the studies and initiatives underway at the national level. The chapter collaborated with defense, ASI and various industrial and academic entities.

Small satellites are playing an increasing role, complementing high-performance satellites, rapidly transforming the space sector: just think of the development of the ambitious IRIDE program, scheduled for completion in 2026, carried out by the Italian government under the management of ESA and with the support of ASI. This project will make it possible to develop an innovative constellation, complementing national and European assets already in orbit, to serve public administrations in multiple areas, such as hydrogeological instability and infrastructure monitoring.

The conference was opened by Chapter President Lt. Gen. Ant ... READ MORE


In May, 24 students were recognized and 22 received scholarships totaling $264,000 during the chapter's award ceremony. The chapter held its annual Awards Night in May with 300 people attending. Jessica Morgenstern, chapter vice president of scholarships, served as master of ceremony, and Scholarship Committee members helped to make the presentations. Twenty-four students were recognized and 22 received scholarships totaling $264,000. Each student recipient responded to a thought-provoking question giving the audience some insight into their personalities and abilities. This was another impressive group! The chapter also contributed $25,000 to AFCEA International Education Foundation and Nancy Temple, international secretary; vice president, Human Resources; and vice president, AFCEA Educational Foundation, attended the event and accepted the contribution.

Students receiving scholarships this year are: George R. Cotter Scholarship-Joycelyn Chow; Women in Technology Scholarship-Nicole Luo; Kathleen Berganski Women in Cyber Scholarship-Margaret Fatula; Bruce & Jessica Morgenstern STEM Scholarshi ... READ MORE

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 05/08/2024

Mehmet Eryilmaz, MD, professor of surgery, Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi, presents during the webinar. In the chapter's May webinar, "Disaster and War Surgery," Mehmet Eryilmaz, MD, professor of surgery, Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi, presented information about the nature and purpose of disaster and war surgery, current developments in the subject and the needs of the military health systems.

Webinar participants also learned the importance of correctly intervening in injuries resulting from trauma in military and civilian life and the features and details of early life-saving interventions in trauma situations and injuries. In addition, information was presented about control surgeries performed by front-line surgical teams and developments in medical evacuation systems.

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 04/29/2024

In April, Chapter President Kamil Zafer Selcuk presents a memory plaquette of his visit to BITES General Manager Cemil Sagiroglu. In April, chapter officers visited Cemil Sagiroglu, general manager, BITES, in his office. While there, officers introduced AFCEA International as an association and explained the activities and benefits provided to corporate members.

BITES is a technology-based innovative brand located in Ankara, Turkiye. The company offers a wide range of products, including next-generation computer-based training systems and synthetic environments, 3D virtual maintenance trainers, low-cost synthetic training aids and hardware components, advanced training management information systems, mission-planning, after action review-debriefing software solutions and a serious game engine-driven image generator for all kinds of virtual training applications.


Ron Woerner, senior security and risk consultant, Forrester Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts (l), stands next to Col. Janel Nelson, USAF, chapter executive vice president. Woerner was the speaker for the April luncheon and received a Greater Omaha Chapter coin for addressing the chapter. In April, Ron Woerner, senior security and risk consultant, Forrester Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts, gave the chapter an enlightening discussion on surviving security Groundhog Day.
Woerner talked about how he came into the military during the early days of electronic warfare. He pointed out how artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest tech topic of 2024, but it was first introduced in 1956 at Dartmouth. Woerner pointed out that discussions of AI often swirl with mysticism regarding how an AI system functions, but in reality, it is far simpler: AI is a type of software system. He discussed "The Cuckoo's Egg," written by Clifford Stoll. The book talks about the author's efforts to track a spy through a maze of computer espionage, which ultimately ends in identifying a spy cyber network. The same questions that surfaced in tracking down the perpetrator are the exact same questions asked today. We find reoccurring Russian activity against critical infrastructures. They've ... READ MORE


In March, teams gather for the sporting clay event at PinTail Point. This March, the chapter introduced a NEW Sporting Clays event at PinTail Point. This sold-out clay shooting event was a resounding success! The event promised a day filled with camaraderie, competition and, of course, the exhilarating challenge of clay shooting. Against the backdrop of the Chesapeake Bay's shimmering waters, over 20 teams competed to get the best shot.


In April, competitors race in a thrilling event at United Karting in Hanover, Maryland. In April, the chapter hosted an exciting new event. Companies brought out six of their best competitors to race in a thrilling go-karting event at United Karting. With 15 teams revving up to compete, the track was filled with excitement as participants competed for victory in a high-speed showdown. Pit stops were a flurry of activity as teams executed lightning-fast driver changes. The evening ended with trophies, laughs and of course-food! Everyone had a blast raising money for STEM education.

TURKIYE CHAPTER - 04/17/2024

Kurt Worden (l) and Suleyman Bayramoglu present during the April webinar. Weaknesses in power parameters such as frequency, interruptions, variations, imbalances, flicker, dips and swells, harmonics and power factor cause premature failure of electronic devices or reduced performance of the equipment. These causes cannot be allowed to be effective, especially in vital systems.

Reliable power protection for mission-critical systems requires high-quality power products, customizable, durable power solutions designed according to customer-specified requirements, especially suitable for shipboard, tactical military, industrial and other harsh operating environments, ensuring continuity of operations when failure is not an option.


Jennifer Krolikowski, chapter vice president of finance, takes a photo with Col. Richard Kniseley, USSF, Space Systems Command's Commercial Space Office, at the April event. Col. Richard Kniseley, USSF, Space Systems Command's Commercial Space Office, presented to the chapter at the April monthly luncheon. Jennifer Krolikowski, chapter vice president of finance, introduced Col. Kniseley.


Emerging Leaders mingle and network at the group's inaugural event in March. The chapter's Emerging Leaders program held its inaugural event in March in New York City. The chapter had a fantastic mixer, where professionals connected with one another across defense, technology, cyber, international relations and more. Members also discussed what the Emerging Leaders program has in store for 2024, including but not limited to, networking happy hours, mentor matchmaking and civic engagement. There was tremendous interest in how to join and become more involved with AFCEA. The chapter is looking forward to its next mixer in late spring!


Capt. Thomas Merkle, USN (l), chapter president, shakes hands with Pedro Ramirez, senior technical advisor, Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications Enterprise Center, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, during the March event. Ramirez was the speaker for the March luncheon and received a Greater Omaha Chapter coin for addressing the chapter. In March, Pedro Ramirez, senior technical advisor, Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) Enterprise Center, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, spent time with the chapter, sharing his thoughts on the Center of Excellence. Ramirez talked about a unique opportunity in 2018, working for the Jacobs Corporation, where he served as the director for Global Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security. He had the opportunity to manage teams across the globe and deal with the challenges of location and language differences. He learned early if you're not first, you're last. While abroad, he commented on the difficulties of physical security and dignitaries. They do things so differently because their priorities are different. He discussed the NC3 Enterprise Center's initiative to create the REACH facility as a way to establish a "Center of Excellence." The facility will integrate various areas of expertise under one roof. Ramirez pointed out the ability to perform technical tra ... READ MORE

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